Register now for upcoming Webinar: "Evaluating Social Innovation"

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Register now for upcoming Webinar: "Evaluating Social Innovation"

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New webinar 11/14 with @FSGtweets and Center for Evaluation Innovation on Developmental Evaluation #strategiceval


November 14, 2012 (9:00am - 10:00am PT, 11:00 - noon CT, Noon - 1:00pm ET). Register now for an FSG and Center for Evaluation Innovation webinar, “Evaluating Social Innovation,” to discuss Developmental Evaluation, a new approach that funders and nonprofits should consider when evaluating innovative, experimental efforts.

Register here ($49).

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Developmental Evaluation

CONTENT: Article

Register for an FSG and Center for Evaluation Innovation “Evaluating Social Innovation” Webinar, on November 14, 2012 for an opportunity to discuss Developmental Evaluation, a new approach for more effectively evaluating innovative, experimental efforts.

Developmental evaluation is unique in that it:

  • Focuses on social innovations where there are no accepted models for solving the problem
  • Embeds continuous learning into the evaluation process
  • Ensures that the evaluation design is adaptive and able to respond quickly to emerging issues and questions
  • Reflects a different relationship between evaluators and their clients in support of strategic learning
  • Brings a complex systems orientation to the evaluation

During "Evaluating Social Innovation," participants will join FSG’s Hallie Preskill and Tanya Beer of the Center for Evaluation Innovation in conversation with Meg Long, Deputy Director, OMG Center, an evaluator that conducted a developmental evaluation for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s community partnerships portfolio; and John Cawley,  Director of Programs and Operations, The J.W McConnell Family Foundation; funder of numerous social innovations. This interactive discussion will focus on the successes and challenges that funders and evaluators have experienced in successfully implementing Developmental Evaluations of complex social innovations.

"Evaluating Social Innovation" will discuss how funders and evaluators choose to use Developmental Evaluation over other more traditional evaluation approaches (e.g., formative or summative), how Developmental Evaluation informs strategic and programmatic decisions, and the ways in which tensions and challenges of implementing Developmental Evaluation can be managed along the way.

Register here ($49) and tweet along using the hashtag #strategiceval