Reimagine Money: September 2012

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Reimagine Money: September 2012

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Ready to build the next economy? Take a look at how an RSF - Guayaki partnership is doing just that. A big part of repairing our economy, involves addressing our wasteful, extractive consumer culture. Read about ways in which social enterprise is rethinking waste in this excerpt from the most recent RSF Quarterly. Also, as fall conference season kicks into full swing, check out our upcoming events. If you're interested in learning more about social finance, these are great places to start!

Friday, September 14, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guayakí Pioneers Market-Driven Restoration Business Model

Building the Next Economy

“We had this incredible product—yerba mate—that gives you the strength of coffee, the health benefits of green tea and the euphoria of chocolate. We thought if we work with people on forest projects we can make the mate be the driver for reforestation, and inspire other companies to do similar work,” says Guayakí founding partner Chris Mann, describing the genesis of the company’s pioneering “market-driven restoration” business model.

Click here to read more.

New Job and Fellowship Opportunities

RSF is accepting applications for a Program Assistant, Client Development and for our Regional Social Impact Fellow program.

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Waste Not, Want Not

In stark contrast to our wastefulness, in nature there is no such thing as waste. Waste is a design inefficiency of human creation. In nature, one organism’s waste is another’s nutrient. It’s a closed-loop self-rejuvenating system. Manufacturing is a linear non-restorative system where raw materials are used to create goods which are eventually disposed of.  This linear system isn’t sustainable in the long run for the planet, people or business.

Read the full story here or download the Summer 2012 issue of the RSF Quarterly.

Reimagine Money Podcast: Episode 3

RSF clients Mark Reed (major force behind Corbin Hill Farm) and Kristin Hull (president of Hull Family Foundation) are on the leading edge of social finance. Taryn Goodman, Director of Impact Investing at RSF, sat down with them to learn about what motivates them, what challenges them, and what change they hope to support through their investing and grantmaking activities. Listen on our website or subscribe via iTunes.

Upcoming Events

September 9-5 -- Web of Change, Cortes Island, BC
September 18 -- Impact Assets DAF Webinar (co-hosted by RSF)
October 1-3 -- Social Capital Markets, San Francisco, CA
October 3 -- B Corp Champions Retreat, Half Moon Bay, CA
October 5 -- Pipeline Fellowship Conference, San Francisco, CA
October 17-20 -- Natural Products Expo East, Baltimore, MD
October 19-21 -- Bioneers, San Rafael, CA
October 24-25 -- Investors' Circle 2012, New York, NY Discount available
October 26-28 -- Connecting for Change, New Bedford, MA
November 1 -- Sustainable Industries Forum, San Francisco, CA
November 8-9 -- Slow Money Earthworm Angels Meeting, Sausalito, CA
November 11-12 -- Green Festival, San Francisco, CA
November 15-18 -- Biodynamics Conference, Madison, WI

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CAMPAIGN: RSF Social Finance Monthly Newsletters

CONTENT: Newsletter