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The report articulates the company's 360 degree strategy for environmental innovation and corporate social responsibility
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 7:45am

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February 26, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Jaguar Land Rover’s 2011/2012 Sustainability Report articulates the company’s 360 degree strategy for environmental innovation and corporate social responsibility.

The strategy sets out how the company plans to realise ambitious future growth plans while developing more sustainable products and reducing the impacts of its operations. Sustainability is positioned as fundamental to the reputation of its brands as well as future profitability and the trust of its stakeholders.

The report emphasises Jaguar Land Rover’s life cycle approach to understanding and reducing the environmental impacts of its vehicles at each stage – from design and manufacture to use and disposal. This 360 degree approach enables engineers to target reductions where they can make the biggest difference. Innovations to cut tailpipe emissions, which account for around 75% of a car’s carbon footprint across the lifecycle, include more efficient engines and use of lightweight materials.

The company has already reduced average fleet CO2 emissions in Europe by 14% since 2007 and is on track to meet its 25% reduction target of 175g CO2/km by 2015. Tailpipe emissions from the new Range Rover Evoque can be as low as 129g/km CO2. The report, which covers Jaguar Land Rover operations at all UK manufacturing and product development sites, shows that the company cut CO2 emissions per vehicle produced by almost 20% during the reporting period. Waste and water use per vehicle produced also fell.

The company continues its commitment to promote education, contribute to local communities and support sustainable development through global programmes.
The report can be downloaded in full or in individual modules on specific issues:

Jaguar Land Rover would welcome feedback on its sustainability report or strategy. Please contact or

About Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover is built around two iconic British car brands: Jaguar Cars, which is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury saloons and sports cars, and Land Rover, which manufactures four-wheel drive vehicles with a wide range of off-road capabilities.

With £2bn billion invested in product development each year, Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicles are designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, and more than 80% are exported. Jaguar Land Rover has been owned by Tata Motors Ltd since June 2008.


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CAMPAIGN: ReportAlerts from 2013

CONTENT: Press Release