SAI Supports OEKO-TEX® 'STeP' Auditor Training

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SAI Supports OEKO-TEX® 'STeP' Auditor Training

SAI trains OEKO-TEX® auditors to assess social working conditions in textile facilities
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SAI Supports #OEKOTEX STeP Auditor Training in Hong Kong, Zurich #textile #certification

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OEKO-TEX® auditors during a breakout session at the training in Zurich |

OEKO-TEX® auditors in Hong Kong during a small group breakout session |

SAI Field Services Director Doug DeRuisseau speaks with Trainer Adrian Meili from Testex AG |

SAI Lead Trainer Badri Gulur leads the presentation in Hong Kong |


On May 27-29 in Zurich, Switzerland and June 4-6 in Hong Kong, the textile products certification standard OEKO-TEX® trained the first 50 auditors for conducting the facility audits in the framework of the new STeP certification. SAI Field Services Director, Doug DeRuisseau, in Zurich, and SAI Lead Trainer Badri Gulur, in Hong Kong, worked with OEKO-TEX® to train auditors to assess the social working conditions in the textile production facilities, as required by STeP. The three-day training sessions were divided into different workshops to cover all aspects of the modular STeP certification system.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 9:15am
As SA8000 auditors and trainers, Doug DeRuisseau and Badri Gulur were able to contribute their long-standing experience to the workshop. Using practical examples from the textile industry, the auditors learned how different the social conditions can be in the facilities and the complexities of social auditing, which points require special attention and how to manage difficult situations.
"The most valuable part of such a training," says OEKO-TEX® product manager David Pircher, "is sharing experience." Regular meetings amongst OEKO-TEX® auditors as well as with specialists from organizations such as SAI are planned to ensure the continuing exchange of experiences from the audits. "This type of partnership," Mr. Pircher explains, "is a valuable and economically practical way of achieving a goal together - making the world a little better."
The auditors can now use the practical case studies as a basis for conducting their everyday facility audits. The preconditions for a professional qualification level of all STeP auditors are practical experience and the uniform application through all OEKO-TEX® member institutes and Representative Offices. Those that do not yet have the required experience for the facility visits will be accompanied by a qualified expert.
With STeP, OEKO-TEX® offers a new modular certification system for sustainable production facilities along the textile chain. Based on a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all relevant company areas such as social responsibility, quality management, environmental management, chemicals management, pollution control and occupational health and safety, OEKO-TEX® STeP is an optimised, independent certification system for companies seeking transparent and verified sustainable textile and apparel production. By means of a scoring system, OEKO-TEX® STeP provides global textile brands, retail companies and manufacturers with trustworthy and transparent documentation and benchmarking of their investments in sustainable and cleaner production.
For more details about STeP certification please visit For more information, contact SAI Field Services Director Doug DeRuisseau -  


Joleen Ong
Social Accountability International (SAI)