Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards Finalists Announced

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Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards Finalists Announced

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Monday, May 27, 2013 - 10:30am


Nine companies that shine a new light on home energy efficiency products, services and solutions have been shortlisted for the 2013 Scotiabank EcoLiving Awards, a partnership between Scotiabank and Green Living Enterprises. The total prize is $75,000 in award incentives and the winners will be announced on June 6 during a gala ceremony at the Art Gallery in Toronto.

The finalists were chosen from 89 entries, up 28 percent from last year's edition of the award. As part of the selection criteria, all awards recipients must show they can attract the public's interest in energy efficiency through their submitted products or solutions.

Judges include some luminaries of the sustainability community in Canada, including Valerie Becaert, Executive Director of the FQRNT/FQRSC; Thomas Mueller, Founding Director of the Canada Green Building Council; Yves Perrier, Architect and Sustainable Building consultant; Ed Whittingham, Executive Director of the Pembina Institute; and Tyler Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief and associate publisher of Corporate Knights.

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