Stabilizing Our Impacts

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Stabilizing Our Impacts

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Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 1:15pm

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In May 2009, then President & CEO Patrick D. Daniel announced an ambitious plan to stabilize Enbridge's environmental footprint at January 2009 levels.

The plan, called Neutral Footprint, is designed to counteract Enbridge’s environmental impact where it is felt most: on the trees we remove to build our facilities, the natural habitat we disturb, and the impacts associated with the electricity we buy to power our operations. We committed to achieving the plan’s goals by:

  • planting a tree for every tree we remove,
  • helping to conserve an acre of natural habitat for every acre we impact, and,
  • generating a kilowatt of renewable energy for every kilowatt of power our operations consume.

Enbridge has committed to counteracting our impacts since January 1, 2009, within five years of their occurrence. So how far has Enbridge come?

Recently, Paul Hunt, Director, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility sat down with Derek Hendricks and Rory Spickett, participants of AIESEC, the world’s largest student organization, to discuss Enbridge's Neutral Footprint progress to date.

Click here to watch the video.

To find out more about Neutral Footprint, or to track our progress, visit the dashboard on


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