The Strength of the VolunteerMatch Ecosystem

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The Strength of the VolunteerMatch Ecosystem

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Friday, November 9, 2012 - 3:30pm

When I meet new people and tell them about what I do, I’m often asked, “What is VolunteerMatch?” Well, let’s see: We are a website, we are a network and we are a nonprofit. We are a technology provider, we are a consultant and we are a convener. We are a teacher, we are a resource and we are a connector. That’s kind of a mouthful.

How do we find one word or phrase that depicts the essence of VolunteerMatch?

At the heart of VolunteerMatch are three things: nonprofits, volunteers and businesses. Everything else we do revolves around the unique relationship we create between these three groups. So it would, in fact, be accurate to describe VolunteerMatch as an ecosystem. Here’s a picture

Each of the communities depicted above contribute something to the ecosystem: Nonprofits dedicate their time and resources to improving the world, while giving volunteers and businesses the chance to join them and make a difference. Volunteers are essential for allowing nonprofits to operate on small budgets, and they help build community support for the good work.

And businesses – all of you – are also a critical part of this ecosystem. Your financial support enables VolunteerMatch to provide volunteer engagement tools and services to nonprofits for free – which can be the key to survival for many small organizations. Additionally, your employees infuse the ranks of the volunteer community with energy, talent and focus.

These three groups – including responsible businesses – fit together and support each other in the VolunteerMatch ecosystem, creating something much greater than the sum of its parts and allowing us all to successfully fulfill our collective mission of creating stronger communities.

Thank you for being a part of the VolunteerMatch ecosystem.


Casey Brennan
+1 (415) 321-3634