Winthrop-University Hospital Provides Funding For Innovative New Solar Power Roof On Port Washington Public Library Through CBS Ecomedia’s EcoAd Advertising Program

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Winthrop-University Hospital Provides Funding For Innovative New Solar Power Roof On Port Washington Public Library Through CBS Ecomedia’s EcoAd Advertising Program

Financial Support from Winthrop-University Hospital Advertising on CBS Television and Radio Will Help Reduce Energy Costs, Cut CO2 Emissions and Educate Public on Renewable Energy
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The Port Washington Public Library building now powered by thin film rooftop solar energy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 7:30pm


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(3BL Media) Port Washington, NY - September 27, 2012 - Community members, library lovers and clean energy supporters celebrated the completed installation of a first-of-its-kind integrated thin film solar power system as part of the Port Washington Public Library’s new SBS Roofing system.  The thin film solar cells are adhered to the library roof’s cap sheet layer and the Port Washington Public Library is the only building in Nassau and Suffolk counties to generate power this way.  The solar system will generate an average of over 42,000 kWh of electricity per year and cut carbon dioxide emissions from the Library by over 2.2 million pounds annually.

The celebration featured remarks from Nancy Curtin, Port Washington’s Public Library Director, Garry Schwall, Chief Operating Officer of Winthrop-University Hospital, and Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder of CBS EcoMedia.  Celebrating the sun in song was popular local singer/guitarist Tom Cavanagh, known to library audiences for his Johnny Cash and George Harrison performances.

“Winthrop-University Hospital has been at the forefront of medical and information technology on Long Island. In fact, we are the first hospital in the region to qualify for meaningful use of Health Information technology to improve healthcare as part of the new Affordable Care Act. So, it is only fitting that we are also partnering with CBS EcoMedia and the Port Washington Library to bring this new, state-of-the art solar technology to Port Washington to help create a cleaner, healthier environment,” said John F. Collins, President & CEO of Winthrop.

The CO2 emission reductions from the Library’s new solar system will have the same environmental impact as planting more than 110,000 trees, and the new Energy Education Station in the Library displays the actual energy savings from the system for the public’s consideration. The Port Washington Public Library is committed to green initiatives, which in addition to the innovative new solar power system also includes a Recycling Center in the Children’s Room.

 “The Library is committed to green initiatives and as a center for lifelong learning wishes to lead by example promoting solar energy and a healthy environment for the Port Washington community,” said Nancy Curtin, Port Washington Public Library Director. “This technology is a sustainable solution and we thank Winthrop University Hospital and CBS EcoMedia for their support.”

"It's the mission of the Port Washington Public Library to ‘be a center for life-long learning, information, and culture’…and I can’t think of a better way to do that than by demonstrating the benefits of solar power to the community. With this project, the Library sets an important example: by adopting solar power in our homes and businesses, each one of us can cut our own energy costs and emissions,” said Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder of CBS EcoMedia Inc. “Thanks to the generous support of Winthrop-University Hospital, the Library will reduce its carbon footprint and cut its electricity bills, freeing up crucial funds for books, staffing, special programming, and equipment.  The goals of cost-savings, reduced carbon emissions, and quality of life improvements in communities across America are at the heart of EcoMedia’s EcoAd, EducationAd and WellnessAd Programs. Happy 120TH birthday, Port Washington Library! Your new solar panel installation is a gift to the community that will provide benefits for years to come!”


About Winthrop-University Hospital

Founded in 1896 by a group of local physicians and concerned citizens, Long Island's first voluntary hospital is a 591-bed university-affiliated medical center and New York State-designated Regional Trauma Center which offers sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery. Winthrop-University Hospital is a major regional healthcare resource with a deep commitment to medical education and research, offering a full complement of inpatient and outpatient services.

In 2010, Winthrop provided inpatient care for 33,082 men, women, and children. There were over 66,000 emergency visits and 4,632 childbirths logged for the year. More than 3,802 electrophysiology procedures and 4,892 cardiac catheterizations were performed. Over 18,500 surgical procedures were completed, including 458 open-heart operations. Winthrop's certified Home Health Agency and its Long Term Homecare Program provided over 121,000 visits to community residents.

The Hospital employs 6,000 dedicated and caring individuals, including nearly 1,500 nurses and 1,525 full-time and voluntary attending medical staff. Winthrop offers a broad range of inpatient and outpatient programs and services for the newborn through the elderly, primarily from Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties on Long Island, in a dynamic, progressive environment.

About Port Washington Public Library

The Port Washington Public Library has been serving the community since 1892 when it was housed in a local family’s front parlor. Today they are a modern service-oriented institution.

The Library serves the Port Washington School District and is funded primarily by local taxes levied on real estate. There is no charge for those who live in Port Washington to join. A library card entitles residents to borrow materials from any public library in Nassau County, and materials borrowed elsewhere may be returned at Port Washington. Port Washington was recently named a five star library by Library Journal which makes it one of the best in the United States.

About CBS EcoMedia Inc.

At EcoMedia, we're propelled by the desire to create positive social change; that's been our mission since we founded the company in 2002.  In 2008, after successfully partnering with CBS on a wide range of environmental projects, EcoMedia became the newest addition to the CBS Corporation portfolio, exponentially scaling our reach across television, radio, interactive, publishing and outdoor media. 

Through our patent-pending EcoAd, WellnessAd and EducationAd programs, an innovative twist on traditional advertising, advertisers are able to support much-needed local projects which in turn creates jobs, saves taxpayer money and improves the quality of life in communities nationwide.  In the process, we’re fundamentally altering the advertising landscape, elevating the ordinary, traditional commercial – and media, in general – into a catalyst for tangible, quantifiable social change.  Please visit to learn more. 

By participating in EcoMedia’s EcoAd, WellnessAd and EducationAd advertising programs, EcoMedia’s advertisers agree to provide funding for projects we believe will have a beneficial effect upon the environment, health and/or education within local communities.  EcoMedia’s advertising programs are not certification programs nor are the EcoAd, WellnessAd or EducationAd logos seals of approval. EcoMedia does not in any way certify, endorse or make any representations about EcoMedia program advertisers, their products or services. 

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