Caterpillar's 2012 Sustainability Report

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Caterpillar's 2012 Sustainability Report

Since 2005, Caterpillar has published an annual sustainability report, with detailed performance information and data and highlights about specific projects that support our sustainable development efforts. Each year the report serves as the flagship document for stakeholders to understand Caterpillar’s commitment to sustainability.

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Using Outside Air to Keep Data Cool
Caterpillar's main data center has improved greenhouse gas emissions by about 2,500 metric tons of CO2e annually, the equivalent of removing nearly 500 cars from roads. This has been achieved by efficiency improvements to the building's air conditioning system, which runs continuously. Improvements include an automation system that uses more efficient motors for the existing air handlers and...
Dec 16, 2013 8:35 AM ET
Revamped Scrap Recycling in Piracicaba
A team at Caterpillar Brasil Ltd. (CBL) in Piracicaba, Brazil, has improved its recycling index through a number of improvements to its scrap disposal program. The name of the recycling area has been changed to Byproduct Central to better identify it as an area for materials that can be a source of revenue. The team also has found a new receiver for scrap, consolidated and organized the area...
Dec 13, 2013 12:30 PM ET
Technical Center Turns Water Use Around
Our Technical Center in Mossville, Ill., has implemented cooling tower efficiency improvements that have resulted in more than 100 million gallons (380,000 cubic meters) of water recycled annually, delivering a 30 percent reduction in process cooling water consumption. Another project focused on process water softener rebuilds and control strategy enhancements saved an additional 35 million...
Dec 10, 2013 8:25 AM ET
Computer Aided Earthmoving for Landfill Efficiency
Caterpillar's Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES) enables the re-engineering of landfill site planning and production processes from the machine cab. CAES is available on compactors and track-type tractors for use in landfills. When installed on a compactor, the system indicates to the operator when effective compaction has been achieved. Operators of track-type tractors receive real-time...
Dec 5, 2013 12:20 PM ET
Motor Graders Deliver Efficiency and Performance
The Cat® M series 2 motor graders, equipped with an ACERT™ engine and Cat Clean Emissions Module, deliver the performance and efficiency customers demand, while meeting EU Stage IIIB and Tier 4 Interim emissions standards. Integrated machine systems and technologies improve productivity for greater accuracy, lower fuel use and reduced machine wear. Decreases in fuel consumption result in a...
Dec 2, 2013 8:10 AM ET