Launch of Sustainability Report

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Launch of Sustainability Report

The heart of our company is made up of the People we are honored to employ, the high-quality Products we offer customers, the Communities in which we live and work, and the Planet that we strive to protect. 

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Albertsons Companies Releases Annual Sustainability Update
We believe that being your Favorite Local SupermarketTM includes having a positive impact on our products, community, planet and people. We are proud to share our progress and results of our recent Corporate Social Responsibility efforts with you. We have been working hard to reduce our environmental footprint and to give back to our valued customers and community. This report...
Oct 16, 2017 7:55 AM ET
Planet: Safeway Strives to Protect the Environment
We share one planet, and there are many ways — big and small — to help protect it. Safeway will always consider the environmental impact we have and new ways to minimize it. We encourage our employees, customers and suppliers to join us in doing the same. Learn more about Safeway’s Planet initiatives. Join the...
Jul 21, 2014 11:35 AM ET
Community: The Safeway Foundation
Safeway is so much more than a place to buy groceries. We’re part of your neighborhood, and we believe in making each of our communities a better place to live and work. Healthy people are integral to healthy neighborhoods. Because of this, The Safeway Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. The Foundation focuses on four key areas: Health...
Jul 18, 2014 12:20 PM ET
Community: Safeway Creates Vibrant Neighborhoods
Safeway gives back in many ways — both time and money — whether it’s to neighborhood charities or national campaigns. Read more about Safeway’s Community initiatives on our website. Join the Facebook and...
Jul 15, 2014 4:05 PM ET
Performance Highlights from Safeway’s 2013 Sustainability Report
Safeway’s story started in 1915 when M.B. Skaggs, an ambitious young man in a small Idaho town, purchased a grocery store from his father. M.B.’s business strategy – to offer customers the best value – proved spectacularly successful. Almost 100 years later, Safeway’s reach has increased dramatically. Although we have grown substantially since 1915, our customers can continue to count on us to...
Jul 10, 2014 2:30 PM ET