Lilly Strengthening Communities

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Lilly Strengthening Communities

Lilly has a long, proud heritage of strengthening the communities where we work and live. We do this through giving, volunteering, and focusing on issues that affect our business, such as education. Furthermore, Lilly has a significant impact in its hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States.

At the heart of our efforts to strengthen communities are Lilly employees, who donate not only money, but also their time, energy, expertise, and passion in countless ways. As a company, we actively encourage our employees to volunteer and give, and we develop programs that help them make life better for people around the world.

We partner with the GlobalGiving Foundation to offer Lilly employees across the world a customized website where they can support more than 800 global projects that are helping to advance our corporate responsibility goals in the areas of health, hunger, education, and the environment—and have their donations matched by the Lilly Foundation. Through Lilly Global Giving, our employees may select, contribute to, and follow the progress of global programs that are addressing causes they care about.

As we learn about the needs of people in other countries and support projects that help meet those needs, we will expand our understanding of the world, deepen our empathy for the challenges others face, and become part of a global network that provides solutions beyond medicines.

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  Today’s guest blog comes from Jamal Greene, Global Bio-Medicines Six Sigma Black Belt and African American Network Chair.   When I was asked to help with the Indiana Black Expo (IBE) I was not sure what to expect. Having never attended in the past I pictured an event filled with food and live music, but as my involvement has continued to increase...
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Lilly: The Hope Murals Project- 10 Murals in 10 Cities
Today's guest blog comes from Jennifer Hill, Lilly’s Senior Director for U.S. Oncology Marketing. As part of her role, Jennifer oversees Lilly Oncology On Canvas and The Hope Murals Project. 600 paintbrushes, 1,000 gallons of paint, more than 2,500 volunteers. The result: a lasting impact on the cancer community.   This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Lilly...
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Lilly: Making Life Better Through Volunteering
All around the world, Lilly employees make life better every day in countless ways. Not only through our medicines and the services we provide, but also through giving back and volunteering in the communities where we live and work. It’s a time-honored tradition started by the Lilly family, and is often cited as one of the primary reasons people come to work for our company.  ...
Jun 26, 2014 2:00 PM ET