Medtronic Project 6

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Medtronic Project 6

Giving back to the communities they live and work in is just another day on the job for thousands of Medtronic employees.

They do it through Project 6, a Medtronic program uniting the local volunteer efforts of our employees around the world.

Held annually in June, Project 6 is Medtronic’s month-long employee volunteer effort with global reach and local impact. Demonstrating the sixth tenet of our Mission—to maintain good citizenship as a company—employees unite efforts around the world while meeting the needs of their local communities. Each Medtronic location involved in Project 6 offers one or more unique volunteer projects chosen by employees in that area.

Projects have ranged from cleaning local parks and assisting at homeless shelters to painting homes for the elderly and child care at orphanages.

In its inaugural year more than 1,000 employees from 14 countries logged their volunteer hours during June. It has increased numbers substantially each year and in 2015 will involve nearly 400 projects in 37 countries.