Our 2030 Sustainability Vision

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Our 2030 Sustainability Vision

Our 2030 Sustainability Vision illustrates our roadmap to inform big-picture thinking on sustainability issues that are most important to our Company, and it will help us identify where we can collaborate with our employees, industry peers, suppliers, business associates, customers, governments and civil society to create sustainability solutions. Our sustainability goals and milestones align with our strategy and ensure that we are on track to attain our 2030 Sustainability Vision.

  • Develop transformative mobile technologies that are widely adopted in support of a sustainable world.
  • Employ a workforce that more closely reflects the demographics of the communities in which we do business.
  • Be recognized as a global leader in business conduct and ethics.
  • Maintain adherence to our Supplier Code of Conduct in our extended supply chain. 
  • Ensure that respect for human rights is integrated into all key business decisions. 
  • Ensure sustainable and transparent management of our climate and water impacts across our value chain.
  • Actively engage employees in our sustainability programs. 


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