QuestCares: Corporate Social Responsibility

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QuestCares: Corporate Social Responsibility

We share our unique insights and capabilities to foster innovation and create shared value in the pursuit of a measurably healthier world. We understand the increasing diversity of the populations we serve, and the opportunities that investing in our communities affords our company, our partners, our patients and our people. We recognize our responsibility for continuous improvement and ethical leadership, and we benchmark, measure and report. We strive to:

  • Address public health challenges, closing disparities where we can
  • Empower communities and families to be strong and well
  • Build inclusive cultures and educated leaders for innovation and growth
  • Protect our earth and its resources

More in our 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report and QuestCares Video Series

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Quest in the Fight Against AIDS
Quest contributes to the fight against AIDS in a variety of ways. In 2015, we marked AIDS Day by participating in a number of events across the country, sponsored AIDS Walks and other fundraising events, and raised awareness about the disease. World AIDS DayOur medical and scientific staff spoke on the role of the lab in the management of HIV as invited guests in...
Sep 13, 2016 1:00 PM ET
Quest Diagnostics Marks 10 Years on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
For more on corporate social responsibility at Quest Diagnostics, check out our full 2013 Sustainability Report.
Sep 17, 2014 11:20 AM ET