Strengthening Health Systems in Tanzania

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Strengthening Health Systems in Tanzania

Resource-limited health care systems and a lack of trained health workers are key barriers to providing quality health care in developing countries.  The Abbott Fund and the Government of Tanzania are partnering in one of the most comprehensive initiatives in Africa to strengthen a country’s health care system and train staff to meet the needs of people with HIV and other life-long diseases.  To date, Abbott and the Abbott Fund have invested more than $90 million in this 10-year partnership effort. 

At the country's leading reference hospital, Muhimbili National Hospital, the Abbott Fund built a new outpatient center, renovated the clinical laboratory building and built first modern Emergency Medicine Department that served 30,000 patients in its first year of operations. Across Tanzania, the partnership has expanded testing and treatment at more than 90 health centers, bringing HIV services into some remote regions for the first time.  A 2007 assessment showed that one in three people on HIV treatment in Tanzania were receiving care at facilities that benefited from Abbott Fund support.  To help provide the ongoing monitoring needed for these patients and others with chronic conditions, the Abbott Fund has modernized or constructed laboratories at all 23 regional-level hospitals across the country.

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