Symantec's 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

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Symantec's 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate responsibility is inherent to Symantec’s business and built into our priorities and values. Symantec's release of its 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report provides an update on our performance and progress on key goals over the last year in our key CR focus areas: environmental responsibility, online safety, and gender and diversity.

Symantec is a global provider of security, storage, and systems management solutions that help organizations and consumers secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against advanced threats enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored.

Symantec is committed to protecting people and information, independent of device, platform or location. We deliver solutions that allow customers to access their information via a variety of devices when they need it and prevent unauthorized access. Symantec’s core businesses operate in three primary markets: security, backup and recovery, and availability solutions.

We consider the security of information central to corporate responsibility in this digital age of increased exposure. We leverage our employees’ specialized skills to make the digital world a safer place to work and play, raising awareness of cyber issues and contributing resources to our communities. As a company engaged in providing services with significant societal benefit, Symantec is committed to conducting our business with attention to and respect for ethical operation, the environment, and positive societal impact. Our corporate responsibility platform is organized into three key pillars:

  • Our People, which includes employee satisfaction, talent management, and diversity and inclusion
  • Your Information, which includes cybersecurity, online safety, privacy and customer experience
  • The World, which includes climate change, responsible sourcing and human rights, and community investment

Our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report serves an update on our performance and progress on key goals over the last year. We welcome your comments and questions about this report and our corporate responsibility efforts. These can be submitted to We also invite you to read and comment on our Corporate Responsibility in Action blog and visit our website

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