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Looking ahead, in 2016, the United Health Foundation will build upon the successes of America’s Health Rankings® by introducing a robust new suite of reports that use data and trends from the Annual Report as a foundation – with the goal of providing actionable, data-driven insights that stakeholders can use to effect change.

  • New reports on selected populations. The United Health Foundation publishes an annual report on the state of seniors’ health, and will now complement this with annual reports on the health of mothers and infants as well as the health of our nation’s veterans.
  • New spotlight reports on key public health topics. To complement the annual state rankings and population reports, the United Health Foundation will issue several “spotlight” reports over the course of the year focused on important markers of our nation’s health, such as substance abuse, prevention, healthy lifestyles, and mental health.
  • Through the America’s Health Rankings® reports, United Health Foundation will bring a more comprehensive and actionable picture of our nation’s health. Taken together, we believe that this expanded suite of reports will create deeper insights that can inform stakeholders as they work to improve the health of our nation.
  • We look forward to collaborating with and sharing our reports’ insights among key stakeholders and communities. Our goal is to convene and partner with others who have a vested interest in the future of America’s health, and to drive conversation and action on these important topics.
  • To learn more about what we are doing – and to get information on how you can help improve community health – please visit our website: americashealthrankings.org and sign up for our newsletter: americashealthrankings.org/newsletter/subscribe

Content from this campaign

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Mar 7, 2016 1:00 PM ET
Prevention Report Reveals Hispanics Access Preventive Care Less Than Other Populations
United Health Foundation report examines prevention measures through health care access, immunizations and chronic-disease prevention Identifies disparities related to race, geography, income and education Finds New England states score well across all three prevention categories Provides data-driven...
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America’s Health Rankings Annual Report: Americans Less Sedentary; Rising Drug Deaths, Obesity Pose Challenges
In 2015, Hawaii ranks No. 1 as healthiest state; Louisiana is least healthy Decreases in smoking and sedentary behavior signal important health strides Rising rates of drug deaths – including illegal and prescription drug abuse – diabetes, obesity and children in poverty threaten nation’s health...
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