Yum! Brands CSR: Our Commitment to the Environment

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Yum! Brands CSR: Our Commitment to the Environment


We are intentional about incorporating sustainability into our way of doing business to reduce our environmental footprint for the benefit of our customers, associates, franchisees and their families, shareholders and the planet. 

We deliver on our commitment by focusing on these key areas: 

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New Guide Addresses Food Waste Head On
Having donated over 100 million pounds of food, Pizza Hut is no stranger to reducing food waste. We’ve been in the game since 1992 when we launched our food donation program, Harvest. In addition to running the Harvest program and participating in the ...
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KFC Australia’s Commitment to Sustainable Building
KFC Australia has adopted a forward-thinking and progressive approach to rolling out its sustainable building program across their company-owned and franchise development network.  Their ambition is to design and build all new, company owned, restaurants to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifiable, and to reduce energy consumption by 15%.  LEED is a voluntary,...
Sep 21, 2016 9:20 AM ET
The Role of Restaurants in Preserving Water Quality
August is National Water Quality Month in the United States, and Yum! Brands is taking time to reflect on the role of restaurants in preserving and promoting water quality. As stories regarding water supplies in Flint, Michigan and California’s Central Valley appear more frequently, non-profit organizations and government agencies work to address disparities in water, sanitation, and...
Aug 31, 2016 3:35 PM ET
Yum! Global Sustainability Team Increases Engagement to Build Know-How
Building know-how is a key part of driving results at Yum! Brands. It’s also essential to Sustainability as the field is still evolving. This year, Yum!’s Global Sustainability team has visited with a variety of partners, including investors;...
Jun 20, 2016 8:45 AM ET
YUM! Named to Newsweek’s 2016 Green Rankings
YUM! Global Newsroom: Environment This year, Yum! increased in ranking on both the U.S. and Global lists compared to 2015, moving up 37 spots to #201 out of the 500 largest publically traded U.S. companies and up 39 spots to #293 out of the 500 largest publically traded global companies. Environmental sustainability is key to reducing...
Jun 9, 2016 2:10 PM ET