Cisco TacOps Can Have a Network Established Within 72 Hours of a Disaster

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Cisco TacOps Can Have a Network Established Within 72 Hours of a Disaster

by Patrick Moorhead
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Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 8:35am

Before I created my technology industry analyst business, I worked over 20 years in F500 technology companies running products, strategy and marketing. As an employee and as a stint running corporate marketing, what became apparent was that there were companies who “pretended” to do CSR and those who manage it like a business. Cisco Systems CSCO +0.40%’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, as I wrote here, is impressive.  It is the most comprehensive CSR programs I’ve examined, aligned and prioritized to business goals, and is run like a business with real metrics and accountability.

One of the most differentiated aspects of Cisco’s CSR program is called TacOps (tactical operations)—Cisco Systems’ own first response team TISI +% who work to establish emergency communications in the wake of disasters worldwide. I mentioned TacOps previously while talking about Cisco’s CSR program, but this week we will take a closer look at TacOps and delve into more specifics of how Cisco is really changing the face of emergency communications.

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