Driving Bigger Sustainability Impacts at Cisco: Carbon Emissions Reductions

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Driving Bigger Sustainability Impacts at Cisco: Carbon Emissions Reductions

Cisco takes the next big step in Supply Chain Sustainability

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Monday, March 21, 2016 - 8:10am

by Kathleen Shaver, Director of Value Protection for Cisco Systems

When you look through the sustainability lens at Cisco’s supply chain, you see three things clearly:  a focus on climate and carbon impacts, a deep concern for the protection of human rights, and an imperative aroundproduct take-back opportunities. Cisco’s approach to a responsible supply chain is structured around this impact framework.

One of the key differentiators for Cisco lies in how we are tackling carbon reduction in a fully outsourced supply chain, and doing it in a way that is measurable and auditable. Being an outsourced global supply chain means we are faced with both challenges and opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint associated with our products. Simply put, we have to find ways to create a carbon emissions program that fits with our structure.  To do that, we must partner externally to better understand the impact of our actions as well as those of our suppliers. Sustainability is about the mutually beneficial outcomes, so it’s imperative that our internal teams, partners and suppliers understand from the very beginning that, in addition to cost quality and delivery, reducing emissions is also a priority.

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