Increasing Investments in Leak Detection

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Increasing Investments in Leak Detection

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Increasing Investments in Leak Detection via @Enbridge
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 3:55pm

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Safely transporting liquid hydrocarbons is Enbridge’s core business and we are committed to continuous improvements to ensure the reliability and integrity of the pipeline systems and the systems and technologies used to detect leaks.    

“Our Leak Detection systems must be reliable under all operating conditions to ensure the safety of the public and to minimize impacts to the environment and to corporate reputation. Regulator, public, and media attention has increased substantially as a result of the 2010 spill near Marshall, Michigan. To address these and other concerns, we have substantively increased our leak detection investments with the goal to provide industry leading leak detection capability”, says Barry Callele, Director Pipeline Control Systems and Leak Detection.

In late 2010, Enbridge Liquids Pipelines established an area dedicated to Pipeline Control Systems and Leak Detection. In 2011, we set system performance targets and measured our leak detection performance on a line-by-line basis across the system. The results from the assessment were used to gain approval for the addition of ultrasonic flow meters, pressure and temperature transmitters at key locations across our pipeline system. Research and assessment is underway on a variety of liquid leak detection technologies, including a complementary real time system, external cable based systems, and technologies that can be used during aerial right-of-way surveillance and through internal pipeline inspection.  

Enbridge Gas Distribution, Canada’s largest natural gas distributor, has a similar program of research and field trial investigations to improve gas leak detection capabilities and Enbridge Gas Transportation headed up an industry-wide field test in 2012 to evaluate the effectiveness of new technologies in detecting leaks of natural gas using sensors deployed in standard pipeline patrol aircraft.

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