Keystone XL - Let's Get It Done

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Keystone XL - Let's Get It Done

New ad campaign provides the facts about Keystone XL and its negligible impact on climate change
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Keystone XL -- Let’s Get It Done, check out TransCanada's new ads featuring the facts about #KXL #timetobuild:

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New print ad about Keystone XL appearing in U.S. newspapers

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 11:45am


In the wake of President Obama’s June 25 speech on climate change at Georgetown University, TransCanada has launched a new series of advertisements aimed at providing important facts about how the Keystone XL pipeline project is in the national interest of the United States and will have no material impact on global greenhouse gas emissions.

Using the tagline “The Keystone XL Pipeline is a critical piece of a secure energy picture for America. Let’s get it done,” the ads will be appearing in national TV, radio, newspaper and online media outlets in the coming weeks. The ads are intended to raise awareness about TransCanada’s leading role in developing safe and reliable energy infrastructure for North America’s future. They also highlight the evidence that has shown Keystone XL will enhance North America’s energy security and will have little on climate change.

Read more and see samples of the ads on TransCanada's blog.