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Generation in India

90 million young people are out of work in India and 200 million are underemployed.

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90 million young people are out of work in India. Learn what @YouEmployed is doing about it:
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 9:00am


Here’s what we’re doing about it:

Generation pinpoints high-growth sectors, then works with employers to develop a focused curriculum that delivers the professional and personal skills that young people need to build successful careers in those sectors. In India, our initial focus is on healthcare — a sector that exhibits incredibly high demand for trained individuals.

June 2016 Updates

Generation India now has programs in Delhi and Hyderabad, focused on healthcare, training young people for roles as general duty assistants (GDAs), a role that is much like the certified nursing assistant (CNA) role that Generation USA students can choose. In addition, we will soon be expanding to offer training focused on hospitality.

There are more than 350 students enrolled, and more than 170 graduated. Early results continue to be positive. We have a job placement rate of 91%+ so far this year. Supervising nurses say Generation graduates working as GDAs perform better than their peers on a number of dimensions: 92% say Generation GDAs provide better or on par patient care, 96% of them say the same about Generation GDAs’ proactiveness, and 100% say it about their professionalism. Our graduates are also staying in the job longer than their non-Generation counterparts. Retention in first month of the job is now at more than 98% — well above the industry average of 70-80%.

Employers have been pleased with these results. In fact, new employers are signing up to pay ~30% of the recruiting and training costs. And 100% of our employers are willing to rehire Generation graduates!

India Partners

Our partners are the key to fulfilling our mission to source, train and energize new recruits who can create value for employers from their first day in the job.

Partners include USAID, McKinsey & Company, IL&FS and Gallup.

Employers include Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Indus Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad, KIMS Hospitals, M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Manipal Hospitals, Manipal Integrated Services, Max Healthcare, Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital and Medanta.

To learn more about McKinsey Social Initiative (MSI)'s Generation program, visit the website and follow Generation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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