Green Builder Media Launches Code Watcher

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Green Builder Media Launches Code Watcher

New Publication and Website: The Most Influential Place for Building Code News
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Code Watcher - news and trends related to residential building codes, ratings, programs, and safety rules.

Code Watcher - news and trends related to residential building codes, ratings, programs, and safety rules.

Green Builder Media

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 12:30am

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CONTENT: Press Release

April 26, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder® Media is proud to announce the launch of Code Watcher, a brand-new title that is dedicated to covering information, news, and trends related to residential building codes, ratings, programs, and safety rules.

In this publication, Green Builder Media pulls back the curtain on the building code process to make sure it helps builders put up the best-performing, safest homes in the world. A sister publication to Green Builder, Code Watcher spearheads the notion that home owners must be educated on the regulatory actions that profoundly impact the safety, durability, performance, and financial worth of their homes.

“If someone were to ask me to identify a subject that is more important to the quality of people’s lives than the buildings and communities in which they live, work and play, I don’t believe I could come up with an answer,” says Ron Jones, the “Code Warrior” and founder of Green Builder Media. "Shelter is essential to our very existence and well-being. We are all impacted every single day of our lives by the elements in our built environment. Yet, it is amazing that the average person seems willing to leave the how, what and why of the rules and regulations that determine virtually everything about that environment up to an assembly of strangers in some obscure and far-away place without giving thought to what their motives, special interests, even their basic credentials, might be.”

Code Watcher aims strike down consumer ennui toward the codes that affect their homes while helping builders and product manufacturers understand codes and build to exceed mandates.

Some important topics Code Watcher will address include:

  • 2018 code changes
  • News from major players in the code arena, including International Code Council, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, National Fire Protection Association and many others
  • Code issues related to graywater, renewable energy, safety 
  • High-performance building products and practices that get homes ahead of the building code curve
  • Building product manufacturer updates on products and best practices that help builders exceed code requirements efficiently. 
  • Consumer-friendly articles on the ongoing costs of owning a home, the importance of a high-performance, durable house, and how to understand the ways building codes affect the value of homes in the resale market.

To provide the most authoritative code information, Green Builder Media is working in lockstep with the Green Builder Coalition and The Energy Efficient Codes Coalition.

"The true beneficiaries of better building energy codes are, in order of size: low-income families who can pay up to 35% of their monthly income on energy bills; individual homeowners and occupants who pay utility bills and want better-built, more comfortable homes with higher resale value; communities that want stable energy grids and want to avoid building new power plants; and a nation still over dependent on imported energy," says Bill Fay, who leads the Energy Efficient Codes Coalition. "EECC was formed by these beneficiaries and others to put America's model energy codes on a glide path of steady improvements."

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association is Code Watcher’s inaugural sponsor.

Check out Code Watcher here and sign up for the free weekly newsletter.