Green Builder Media Releases Annual Eco-Leaders List

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Green Builder Media Releases Annual Eco-Leaders List

Green Builder’s “Eco-Leaders” are best in class and have sustainability down pat, but to remain winners in the minds of building pros, they will have to keep things simple, easy, and refrain from demanding “share of attention.”
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Green Builder Media Releases Annual #Eco-Leaders List

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Thursday, August 4, 2016 - 12:00pm

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August 4, 2016 /3BL Media/ - The 11 companies saluted by the editors of Green Builder magazine in the 2016 Eco-Leaders report provide exceptional examples of creative solutions that help limit a company’s environmental impact. These companies are, among other things, inventing new ways to manufacture products using renewable energy, designing homes that are net-zero for water and waste; reducing waste by finding new applications that benefit other industries, and creating products that use energy more efficiently. They also get their employees involved and they give back to the community.

These companies are impressive, as you can see from their details on the list below, but Green Builder Editor- in-Chief, Matt Power, warns in his editor’s note accompanying the article that these innovative manufacturers need to take sustainability one step further if they are going to win the loyalty of builders over the long term: “Let’s be honest, not all builders or contractors care about sustainability,” Power says. “The ‘Eco-Leader’ brand a pro chooses will be the one that demands the least share of attention, now, and for the life of the installation.”

Today’s manufacturer, then, needs to be sustainable while providing the simplest, most durable, hassle-free product or service possible. Rather than demanding attention from the building industry, smart manufacturers will offer relief from the noise people are experiencing on both the home and work fronts. “That may mean a product with a simple warranty, no-questions- asked replacement service, a 24-hour technical desk, or a high- tech product that is self-diagnosing and handled completely by the manufacturers,” Power suggests.

The following companies have stepped up to develop more sustainable processes to help slow or even reverse the climate change problem. (Check out the full story here.) 

  • Accoya—100 percent biodegradable non-toxic wood product … careful selection of fast-growing trees reduces deforestation.
  • Andersen Corp.—one of the first building industry companies to sign the Ceres Climate Declaration, meaning it won’t contribute negatively to climate change
  • Daikin—developing smarter inverters and less environmentally damaging refrigerants.  
  • Google—opening new windows into building science by compiling data on chemicals and toxins in building materials    
  • Ingersoll Rand—second year winner, engaged employees find new ways to reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint.  
  • Interface—four years away from owning up to its ambitious 2020 sustainability goals and looking at how to run its factories so they perform like a healthy forest with its “Factories as Forest” initiative.
  • JinkoSolar—Shares its success by providing renewable energy access to local communities. 
  • Masonite—innovating new uses for waste to improve material production and benefit local industries and improving design of fiberglass doors to look like exotic wood species, saving rare wood from being harvested.
  • Roxul—stone wool insulation products save energy, are sound absorbent, fire resistant, contain 40 percent recycled content, and hold their form over time for extra durability. Manufacturing plant recycles water and recovers heat for reuse.
  • Schneider Electric—second year winner, this company measures the carbon impact of every major client project by introducing end-of- life products with circular economy principles.
  • Whirlpool Corp.—achieving net-zero water through rainwater collection, efficient appliances and graywater reuse.

“Congratulations to these eco leading companies for daring to be different, for accepting the responsibility of making the planet a better place, and for taking the risk to create positive change in the world,” says Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman. “We commend their efforts.”

Read more about these pioneering companies in the July/August issue of Green Builder and online here. Is your company an Eco-Leader? Send information about your sustainability efforts to Matt Power at 

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