Headed to SXSW? Stop by Capital Factory’s Future of Tech Lounge on 3/11

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Headed to SXSW? Stop by Capital Factory’s Future of Tech Lounge on 3/11

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Headed to SXSW? Stop by the @CapitalFactory Future of #Tech Lounge on 3/11 http://bit.ly/2HkrMRL
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 12:10pm


What is trust in an age of misinformation and how can the tech community close the gap? How can we take control of our biggest health crises through immersive technologies like AR and VR? How can we empower machines in ways that accelerate what humans can do to improve our world? Connecting societal issues with big data and technology solutions, Booz Allen Hamilton will showcase demos at SXSW that reimagine a better world.

From Saturday, March 10 through Thursday, March 15, SXSW attendees are invited to visit the Future of Technology Lounge, hosted by Capital Factory in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton and other organizations. Visitors can check out the latest in cutting-edge technology including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drones and rovers.

On Sunday, March 11 from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Booz Allen plans to showcase how the firm is using emerging technologies to solve tough client problems.

Demos Include:

  • OceanLens digitally recreates the sea floor to help the US Navy, for example, with mission planning. The tool integrates 3D objects and data overlays to create almost any scenario encountered underwater.
  • Holographic Medical Imaging Tool, developed in partnership with Microsoft, allows patients and doctors to view interactive 3D renderings of heart and brain scans in AR, providing multiple views and resulting in more comprehensive patient exams and shared knowledge across medical teams.
  • Jumpmaster is a VR experience that simulates jumping out of an airplane, the same training the Air Force goes through at Fort Bragg. It’s so real, over half of military personnel refuse to step out of the plane the first time; and data from Fort Bragg has shown a higher pass rate by soldiers who do the simulation and then go to the National Training Center.
  • Immersive Pathfinder is a 360-degree immersive experience using Booz Allen's object recognition system, Pixelate, to identify objects, aiding analysis in complex and unfamiliar environments.
  • AI Art Mirror that uses machine learning to create graphics stylized to look like works by Van Gogh and other artists.

To learn more about the Future of Technology Lounge event and register, click here.