It IS Easy To Be Green: A Look Back At 2015

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It IS Easy To Be Green: A Look Back At 2015

By Dr. Ilham Kadri, Diversey Care President
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.@Sealed_Air's Ilham Kadri reflects on the year's progress in sustainability commitments

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Dr. Ilham Kadri, President of Diversey Care

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 - 10:40am

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For me, the end of every year always seems to be a phenomenally busy, even chaotic, time – a period when juggling the completion of work projects with attending a host of personal engagements seems like a fine art.

However, during this time, I think it is important to find a quiet moment in the midst of the storm to pause and take stock of the trends, events and changes that shaped the past year. And, for 2015, this is no small task – both for the cleaning and hygiene industry and for all of us here at Sealed Air and Diversey Care.

It is easy being green

Not by coincidence, 2015 has been a year of renewed sustainability commitments and the advent of the Circular Economy (read a great blog about it here: For those of us in the Hygiene industry, green cleaning is not exactly a recent phenomenon. However, this year there has been a resurgence of interest in eco-friendly cleaning. This is perhaps in large part due to recent scientific breakthroughs which have seen the development of products which combine environmentally friendly-credentials with performance and efficiency. New, professional-grade products such as Diversey Care’s SURE™ range not only ensure that we as an industry are helping safeguard people from the effects of harsh chemicals, but also that we are protecting the environment for the sake of future generations – all without compromising performance.

Robotics: the future is here

This increased focus on green cleaning brings me to another key trend which shaped the industry in 2015 – namely, robotics. Advances in technology have created a host of new avenues to achieve more sustainable cleaning, and the emergence of increasingly advanced robotics as truly product-efficient, water-saving and waste-reducing solutions has been a hugely significant example of this.

The acquisition of Intellibot Robotics earlier this year by Diversey Care underscored our belief in an increasingly ‘robotic’ future, particularly in the field of floor cleaning. These machines now sit at the core of Diversey Care’s ‘The Internet of Clean’ program – a concept that applies tech innovations such as connectivity, big data, remote control, distance monitoring, augmented reality, and of course robotics, to our overall offering. Read more about it in my previous blog:

Reaffirming commitments to gender diversity

2015 was a year in which a number of initiatives were launched throughout our industry which showcased and confirmed a real commitment drive forward the gender diversity agenda.

It has been proven time and time again that a more gender diverse workplace – one which inspires men and women alike to reach their full potential – is far better positioned to benefit all involved both creatively and financially. I have also long believed that the treatment of women is a very accurate barometer of progress. Therefore, as a forward-looking, modern and ambitious industry, we have a real responsibility to ensure that gender diversity is actively championed.

It has been so encouraging to see programs which aim to promote more inclusive workplaces, and celebrate the men and women who are pursuing this, take centre stage this year – from ISSA’s Hygiea Network, which is committed to developing female cleaning industry professionals at all levels and experience, to Sealed Air’s own WIN (Women’s Initiative Network), which aims to ensure that Sealed Air attracts, retains and advances the professional development of women.

To me, these initiatives prove – not for the first time– that our industry takes its moral obligations seriously, and is at the forefront of driving positive change in the world.

It has been a remarkable year for our industry and I am very proud of having played my part personally in its progress.

With a 2015 full of technological advances and progressive moves to improve working cultures, I am excited to see what new developments 2016 holds for our industry – and looking forward to seeing what role Sealed Air and Diversey Care plays in them.

I welcome the challenges and opportunities we have before us in 2016.  Join us as we continue on 

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CAMPAIGN: Sealed Air: Reimagining Customer Solutions