A Message From The Sealed Air Vice President of Sustainability

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A Message From The Sealed Air Vice President of Sustainability

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Monday, July 31, 2017 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: Sealed Air’s 2016 Sustainability Report

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At Sealed Air, our goal is to demonstrate through our operations, solutions and ambitions that we can deliver sustainable value to benefit both businesses and society at large. We know that inefficiency and waste impact bottom lines, the environment and communities. So the question we ask ourselves is: “how can we make a difference?”

After reading this report, I hope you will agree that the progress we have made, and continue to make, in achieving our 2020 Sustainability Goals is making a significant difference. We continue to identify areas where we can make additional progress, implement plans to seize those opportunities and measure our success.

Our first area of focus is on our own operations. Although we’ve always prided ourselves on our year-over-year progress in improving the efficiency of our operations, our 2020 Sustainability Goals specifically call for 25 percent reductions in our energy and water intensity, and in our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), as well as a 100-percent diversion of our waste from landfills.

We have confirmed that achieving these goals will exceed requirements established by Science Based Targets, a collaborative initiative among the CDP (see below), World Resources Institute and the World Wide Fund for Nature. These achievements also have been instrumental in securing our membership in the World Wildlife Fund’s prestigious Climate Savers program, the world’s most aggressive GHG-reduction program. What’s more, we are making outstanding progress in achieving these goals in line with or ahead of the aggressive targets we’ve set for ourselves, as described in this report.

As a result of the success we’ve already achieved and the forward-looking plans we’ve put in place, Sealed Air for the second year in a row has been named to the CDP Climate “A” list of companies. CDP is the only global disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts and for investors or purchasers to access environmental information for use in financial decisions.

The ability of our products and solutions to prevent or reduce waste downstream has been the hallmark of Sealed Air innovation from its earliest days, starting with Bubble Wrap®, which was the company’s first product and which today is the most recognized brand in the world for preventing damage to products during distribution. Today, reducing or preventing waste is an essential element of all our product lines.

As a result of our commitments, we are able to quantify for our customers the real economic value of our sustainability solutions. At the same time, we have enhanced our internal processes to integrate sustainability into our new products from the outset, ensuring that we select the best possible materials to meet our customers’ needs, and that we manage our supply chains with transparency and high standards, consistent with our Code of Conduct.

We believe the ability to align both business and sustainability goals around reducing waste and improving efficiency brings tremendous societal benefits. We also believe that we can achieve success faster and expand our reach further by partnering with others on this journey. We have made significant progress in the last year in advancing partnerships with organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to identify and adopt best practices to help supply chains work more efficiently. We are bringing advantages to local communities through partnerships that recycle products, such as soap, linens and plastics, into new products that address societal needs and prevent waste.

I hope you will take the time to read our 2016 sustainability report. If you do, I am confident you will share my excitement for the tremendous progress Sealed Air’s 23,000 employees are making by working with our customers and many other external partners to reduce waste and improve efficiency, and by doing so, to protect the environment and to foster the flexibility that is required to compete effectively in today’s high-speed, global economy. At Sealed Air, we are determined to create a better way for life for this generation and for generations to come.

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CAMPAIGN: Sealed Air’s 2016 Sustainability Report

CONTENT: Article