Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction Projects Receive Development Grants

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Mid-Rise Wood Frame Construction Projects Receive Development Grants

Architects and builders are looking to wood as a sustainable alternative for mid-rise construction.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: Ethical and Sustainable Living


THE COUNTY'S FIRST mid-rise wood frame construction projects will soon be going up, one on each coast. These buildings will rely on mass timber construction, a category that includes engineered beams, or glulams, and the less familiar cross-laminated timber panels.

CLT is made by gluing several layers of dimensional lumber together. Each layer is oriented at right angles to the previous one; the opposing grain structure provides strength and resistance to shear. CLT is well suited for floors, walls and roofs in mid-rise buildings. Mass timber elements are durable and fire resistant, and because they are assembled in a factory, they speed up construction. Manufacturing them is much less energy intensive that manufacturing steel and concrete—in fact, wood buildings sequester carbon.

CLT has been used in Europe for 25 years, and recent technological developments and have enabled taller and taller buildings to be constructed with CLT and other engineered wood members. There are now examples of “tall timber” buildings around the world, including Canada.

In this country, increased demand for mass timber products hold the potential for reviving rural economies, especially if communities can create value-added products close to the harvest site.

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