Modern Day Slavery Breakdown: Laws in Place to Mitigate Slavery In the Supply Chain

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Modern Day Slavery Breakdown: Laws in Place to Mitigate Slavery In the Supply Chain

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Laws In Place To Mitigate Slavery In The Supply Chain

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Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 12:30pm

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Over the past decade, state and national regulations have been put in place to increase the efforts of mitigating slavery from the supply chain of global enterprises. The goal of anti-slavery regulations is to identify and take steps to eliminate modern day slavery from supply chains. The regulations and laws put in place can be broken down into three major categories; affirmative conduct, disclosure, and liability provisions.

Affirmative Conduct
Requires companies to declare a violation to the government.

Requires companies to report information on their policies and efforts to mitigate risk in their supply chain.

Liability Provision
Companies may be subject to civil or criminal charges for violations.

Devoting resources and tackling modern day slavery in the supply chain is a challenging task. Companies should be aware of the tools and resources available to help this process. Join Source Intelligence for our upcoming webinar, Modern Day Slavery: The Harsh Reality of Globalized Supply Chains, where we will be discussing emerging forms of slavery, evolving regulations and the importance of supplier communication and data validation. 

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