Workshop | Your Money and Investments Matter

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Workshop | Your Money and Investments Matter

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Discover how to Align Your Investments and Values 3/28 NYC @Locavesting @VangelistiMarco @InvestValues #community
Monday, March 13, 2017 - 8:35am

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We Have the Power - Now More Than Ever
Climate change. Inequality. Global finance. Politics. It’s enough to make anyone feel pessimistic. But as investors, we have the power to direct our money towards businesses and initiatives that are doing good in our communities and the world.

Aligning Your Investments With Your Values
There are a growing number of options for aligning your money with your values. Learn from three thought leaders and fellow investors about how to have more impact with your money—whether you have $100 or $100,000. Join us for an evening of inspiring & interactive discussion, meet new friends, hear about local investments and leave with actionable ideas for making your money matter.

March 28th (Tuesday) 5:30-8:30pm
150 Broadway, 20th floor (LMHQ), New York, NY 10038
Fee: $50 - REGISTER HERE, space is limited to 40 people, light snacks provided


5:30: Welcoming, Networking and Introductions
6:00: Why is this important to you? Marco Vangelisti @VangelistiMarco
6:30: Opportunities to align your money and values. Brian Kaminer @InvestValues @Kaminerb
6:45: Crowdfunding: a new way to invest. Amy Cortese @Locavesting
7:00: Q&A with the presenters
7:15: Aligned Investments, local opportunities: Leviticus Fund (CDFI), Local Farms Fund (Slow Money inspired), Contact Fund - Loan Fund for Non-profits
8:00: Investment Q&A, Socialize & Networking.
8:30: Conclusion

Organizers / Presenters:

Marco Vangelisti - Essential Knowledge for Transition - educating engaged citizens about the money and banking system, the economic system and the financial system and how we need to transform them. Ex-finance professional (20 years), Slow Money leader, 100% Impact Investor, guest speaker and author.

Brian Kaminer - Talgra (B Corp) - guiding people to align their money and values through sustainable, community and impact investments. Invest With Values - an educational resource directory and news center for investors learning to create positive change. Slow Money enthusiast and local leader. Impact Investor.

Amy Cortese - - a media and educational site covering the intersection of crowdfinance and community. - platform for investors to discover community-based investments. Author of the pioneering book Locavesting. Award-winning journalist (NYT, BW). Speaker and advocate of local investing.

Event space is provided by Bard MBA in Sustainability @BardMBA at LMHQ

Contact Brian Kaminer for more information 914-230-0741

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