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From the beginning, Pernod Ricard has made promoting responsible drinking the centrepiece of its CSR engagement. In alignment with its baseline position as a Créateurs de convivialité, Pernod Ricard is thus fully committed to promoting responsible conviviality.Click here for Pernod Ricard CSR At-A-...
Inspired from the start by Paul Ricard, environmental protection is deeply rooted in the history of Pernod Ricard, which has made it a priority in its corporate social responsibility policy. This commitment resulted in the introduction of a sustainable development charter in 2006, updated in 2013...
Alongside the development of its business, Pernod Ricard is committed to sharing values with local communities and its business partners, building sustainable win-win relationships.Click here for Pernod Ricard CSR At-A-Glance.
Pernod Ricard employees are at the heart of the Group’s CSR engagement, as beneficiaries of the Group’s commitments and as ambassadors and contributors to the Group’s pursuit of responsibility.Click here for Pernod Ricard CSR At-A-Glance.


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