Business School Students Want to Work for Companies Taking Action on Climate Change

Dec 21, 2015 4:00 PM ET

Business School Students Want to Work For Companies Taking Action on Climate Change

Students at top business schools prefer to work at companies taking action on climate change. That’s the finding of a new global study of 3,700 students at 29 top business schools around the world. The study was conducted by Yale University, with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Global Network for Advanced Management.

The survey found that more than two-thirds of students want to include environmental sustainability in their careers. Eighty-four percent would choose to work for a company with good environmental practices. Forty-four percent would work for a lower salary to do so. Business school students also asked for more action from their schools. Sixty-one percent thought that their schools should hire more faculty and staff with expertise in sustainability. Sixty-four percent asked for more career services and counseling on sustainability-related jobs.

The driver for these attitudes is the bottom line. Today’s business school students believe that environmental action is a profitable approach, one that improves economic growth and creates new jobs. I’m John Howell for 3BL Media.