Guest Post - PharmaCares™: An opportunity to reduce medical waste and do good for the pharmaceutical industry.

Guest Post - PharmaCares™: An opportunity to reduce medical waste and do good for the pharmaceutical industry.

Since we have been highlighting the issues around medical waste, we thought it was time to discuss some of the innovation approaches some organizations are taking to deal with the issue.  And the timing was perfect as friend of ours just launched PharmaCares™.

With 36.1 million Americans in need of medicines they can’t afford and approximately 200 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste are created each year (1), we need to find some creative solutions.  So what does happen to drug samples and surpluses?  They are in many cases either being destroyed or sent overseas.  In 2005, U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers generated some $4.4 billion worth of short-dated products (2).

So you ask what is PharmaCares™  and does PharmaCare, well we will find out in the coming year as this program gains ground.   In nutshell, PharmaCares™ is a web-based sample closet that makes short-dated or surplus pharmaceutical products available to healthcare providers and not-for-profit organizations and clinics.  This program focuses on bringing medicine to Americans who can’t afford the drugs they need to stay healthy.  This program creates a unique opportunity for manufacturers; maximize the prescription opportunity and donate any excess to those in need.

PharmaCares works just like a doctor’s sample closet: It’s stocked with surplus prescription and over the-counter or soon-to-expire* products by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical supply companies.  PharmaCares offers healthcare companies an easy-to-use, easy-to-access outlet for donating their short-dated products, benefiting multiple customers including physicians, patients and health clinics.  Physician-led charities can access the secure PharmaCares™ online closet to order products, samples, vaccines, and medical supplies to help their organizations and the locations they serve.

Some other examples of non-profits that have approached medical waste with innovative solutions are:

So far, the reception from the industry has been amazing.  Companies seem eager to help out and PharmaCares provides the perfect opportunity.  To find out more, or if you’d like to get involved, visit the PharmaCares website at

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