Letting Food Be Your Medicine – Farmaceuticals

Letting Food Be Your Medicine – Farmaceuticals

Each year we go through the same cycle regarding our health: we get sick, go to the doctor, he or she prescribes us medicine, and we get better in most cases.  This series of events is our idea of being treated for an illness.  In a way, the medicine is the quick fix to our health problems.  This modern approach to taking care of our health however neglects the other things we put inside of our bodies 365 days of the year, the food we eat.

Dr. Preston Maring of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center understands that diet is a critical aspect of one’s health and wellness.  He believes that doctors should make nutrition more prevalent in their treatment of patients.  In order to do so, doctors must also be educated in the growing, buying, cooking, and eating of food.  That is why he started a weekly farmers’ market in 2003, just right outside the doors of the medical center, where fresh and organic foods are sold to hospital staff and those just passing by.  This has now grown to 37 markets in the Kaiser system.  Dr. Maring also has a number of other healthy eating initiatives including a website, blog, and “culinary road show,” across health institutions around the country (1).  “Nothing is more important to people’s health than what they eat everyday,” says Dr. Preston Maring

Turns out he is not the only one with this belief.  This past summer one of our local farmers (Davenport Farms) came out with a “Farmaceuticals” T-Shirt complete with fair balance which we thought was brilliant.


Some user have experienced weight loss, health gains and increased energy.  Others report seeing more green in their landscapes after prolonged use.  Farmaceuticals taken with locally raised meats and dairy products may cause an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.  Always when planning any kind of Farmaceutcal regimen, consult your farmer.


Now this is a creative and fun approach to getting people to think more about what they are putting into their bodies.  Now let’s just hope the regulatory bodies do not stop the fun.


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