The Five Greenest Companies in the World

The Five Greenest Companies in the World

Green is the new black. In recent years being “green” has become more popular than ever before. With the old stigmas about green-mindedness vanquished, the citizens of the world have embraced sustainable technologies and environmentally sound innovations. As a result businesses are starting to take notice, and many are scrambling to “green up” their practices and improve their appearance and marketing techniques. In fact, according to a resource for top online doctoral programs, an increasing number of universities are even offering MBAs in sustainability or courses in green architecture so that students are prepared to join this ever-growing field. One doesn’t have to look hard to see that these classes and new practices are paying off, as there are several standout companies that are really hitting the mark when it comes to environmental consideration and green innovation.

1) Gerding Edlen

This Oregon-based property management firm is already famous for its commitment to sustainability and green business practices, as well as community leadership. Not only does the company produce and refurbish buildings to meet exceptionally high standards, such as LEED certification and use of reclaimed materials, but their work also has a reputation for outstanding quality.  

2) Alltech

Is a Kentucky based animal feed production company attempting to offset the environmental detriments to animals and humans who eat meat from cheaply made and non-nutritious animal feed. This company sets a higher standard for this largely used niche by creating naturally nutritious feed and using biodegradable soy packaging for their products, reducing waste and health contamination risk.

3) IBM

One of the world’s leaders in sustainability and company adaptation, IBM was also an innovator in the green movement for business. Not only are their company practices ethical and the company committed to reducing their carbon footprint, but they also have a world famous strict supply protocol, limiting where they get their materials and raising the standards for potential business partners and for world trade.

4) Munich Re

A German leader in a financial insurance company dedicated to environmental conscientiousness, Munich Re has been placed at the top of “greenest” lists these past few years for a reason. This company-to-watch has a commitment to corporate responsibility and sponsors leading representatives who drive environmental standards of green business through the UN both in Europe and around the world. Like IBM, they are not only sustainable themselves, but are also raising the expectations for their business partners.  

5) Banco Brandesco

Banco Brandesco is another company in the financial sector that both environmentalists and businesspeople are keeping an eye on. A large Brazilian banking company that leads the way in paperless technologies, increased use of conference calling for investments, and philanthropic projects to improve South American communities and offer opportunities for growth to clients. Not only has this bank used their power for good by creating Brandesco Foundation, but they also show a dedication to sustainability that has skyrocketed them to green business rankings worldwide.

These companies are not only concerned for the environment, but also know how to let the consumer know about their commitment to the planet. It is more important than ever to go green in order keep up with modern businesses and make the world a better place. To stay on top of the markets, companies need to consider enacting green practices and initiatives. If companies large and small compete for the most environmental innovation possible, there will be countless benefits for both the organizations involved as well as the planet. Furthermore, when large world players like IBM and Munich Re are continuing to raise the level of sustainable expectations, businesses that don’t make going green a priority will likely be left in the dust.


Brittany Lyons aspires to be a psychology professor, but decided to take some time off from grad school to help people learn to navigate the academic lifestyle. She currently lives in Spokane, Washington, where she spends her time reading science fiction and walking her dog.