Building Sustainability Trust on Social Media Matters and Here’ How to Do It

Building Sustainability Trust on Social Media Matters and Here’ How to Do It

The  post, Social Media as Value Creation for Sustainable Businesses, addresses how active engagement and dialog with stakeholders cannot be overlooked when creating shared value for sustainability communications.  However, how can social media engagement garner trust in an organizations' sustainable business strategies? And, does it really matter?  

Yes, building trust in sustainable businesses does matter!  In fact, it is more critical than ever.  

Evidence supports the value of social media marketing. Moreover, at Taiga Company, we advocate that social media executed successfully can be a powerful vehicle to build sustainable business communications by engaging with stakeholders. With new tools and strategies changing the way the business world communicates and exchanges information, social media is becoming the transparent, engaging, competitive advantage that business sustainability delivers.  Yet, to capture the gains of social media marketing to create business sustainability value, you have to be active in the dialogue.  In fact, being on social media isn’t the same thing as doing social media right.

Social media is an  opportunity to amass trust in business sustainability programs.  Use it to increase eco awareness of your business’s social ethics, environmental concerns, and philanthropic deeds. Keep stakeholders informed using openness and transparency as keys to establishing trusting relationships. Let customers, suppliers, investors and the public know they are dealing with a company that acts responsibly. - If you aren’t sure how to do that, let us help you!  We offer workshops, social media consulting, and green leadership programs to you and your organization harness the power of social media to communicate sustainability efforts, build a better brand, and engage with stakeholders.

CompThis post originally appears on the Taiga Company Blog and is published with permission of the author.