Key Lessons on Getting Social with Business Sustainability

Key Lessons on Getting Social with Business Sustainability

Using social media for sustainability communications means finding ways to engage your audience and get them paying attention to you.  It may sound simple, but there are so many tools and strategies an individual company to take.  What is the right playbook?

“Corporations can take insights from social movements to create authentic sustainability initiatives that inspire consumer participation and propagation.”

This was an introductory to a recent GreenBiz article, How to Engage Consumers: 5 Lessons from Social Movements.  In this discussion, the author presents a parallel comparison between similarly directed communication plans.  As the article goes on to explain, social movements tend to focus on five guiding principles when seeking to drive participation and action.  Our sustainability consulting practices considers this guidance has a broader application in business sustainability stakeholder engagement.

Movements show the better future waiting for you if you act: People need a sense of hope and belonging.

  • Movements grow over time: To engage consumers authentically, your sustainability platform should be core to your brand, leverage key moments for recruitment, and build commitment and peer to peer sharing of content and information over time.
  • Movements succeed through relevance: Stay on top of current trends and news with your issue to deliver relevant content in social media.
  • Movements invite citizens to participate: People grow movements…take advantage of modern social tools to authentically build community, extending your reach and impact
  • Movements grow through dispersed leadership and voices: People trust friends and leaders in the issue area…make sure that the issue really matters to your audience.

A social media marketing strategy is becoming increasingly prevalent for how companies market and do business.  Given content is critical for social media, companies need to find relevant and interesting information to disseminate. Need ideas?  At Taiga Company, our professional consulting offers business sustainability and social media training, consulting, and managed services to help breathe life to your social communications.

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Leveraging 15 years of business development, marketing, and communications expertise in the Energy, Medical, and Information Technology industries, Julie Urlaub now consults and advises clients on purpose driven stakeholder communications in the social space. She is the Founder of the Taiga Company.