What Are the Sustainable Environmental Business Trends for 2015?

What Are the Sustainable Environmental Business Trends for 2015?

Business sustainability is a business improvement mindset that drives changes in the organization to deliver real value for the environment as well as your business.  By anticipating and taking proactive steps to address change in the business world, sustainable businesses are capturing immediate value and establishing themselves as leaders in the industry.  Successful companies are building businesses sustainability strategies to capitalize on trends like the ones presented above.   

Building on this momentum, there are definite areas of business sustainability improvement in 2015.  Highlighted in the GreenBiz article, 9 Reasons Nature Lovers Can Be Happy About Business in 2014, our sustainability consulting practice finds an in-depth discussion of the key business/environmental trends for the coming year. Here are a few of the high points:

  • Times — and electric utility business models — are a changin’ 
  • Utility-scale energy storage makes its debut
  • Markets react to oil’s diminishing returns
  • Markets demand transparency on sustainability efforts
  • The sharing economy gets its feet wet in San Francisco
  • Corporations start taking agricultural sustainability seriously
  • Water utility bonds are scrutinized for climate impacts
  • Renewables start to compete with fossil fuels on price
  • Solar courts investors with bonds backed by electric bills

At Taiga Company, we actively promote the concept of integrating sustainability concepts into core business functions.  This makes companies more nimble  in a fast-changing world.  It also makes a business’s brands more attractive to consumers and retailers, and its management more respected by employees, regulators and the financial markets.  Plain and simple, the drivers for improved business sustainability equate to cost savings and improved performance.  We invite you to follow us as our sustainability consulting continues to examine the trends that will shape the future of business.

This post originally appeared on the Taiga Company Blog. Distributed with permission of the author.