What About Google's New SEO Rules?

What About Google's New SEO Rules?

By Karen Ammann and Doug Fulton

If the Internet is a “series of tubes,” how do you push ahead of a clog? Search Engine Optimization.

Google recently announced significant changes to their search engine optimization, cutely named Penguin 2.0, aiming to make search results more accurate and dissuade use of what is often termed “black hat” SEO techniques. There are many aspects to this announcement that target press releases.

Most significantly, press releases are now categorized as paid advertisements. Google will not increase the PageRank for any URLs that are included in the text of the press release, and some cases (see below), it might actually reduce the PageRank for linked URLs. To comply with these new rules avoid:

  • Keyword stuffing: using a search optimized phrase repeatedly
  • Unnatural linking: linking too much in the text, especially on keywords (linking your brand name or on URLs is okay)

What can you do?
Based on the full set of implications of Penguin 2.0, many functionalities on the 3BL Media platform and best-practice advice from our Media Conultants already optimizes your content:

  • Social: your Tweet Me, when included in every communication, will boost your FMR’s PageRank.
  • Organically organized: using campaigns and a single outbound link in the  summary with help your site’s PageRank.
  • Multimedia: this a significant factor in PageRank. Using video, infographics, photos, podcasts and more will boost your SEO results. Remember there is no fee to include multimedia with releases on 3BL Media.
  • Multiple message formats: remember that press releases are now considered advertisements. Utilize the multiple message format options on 3BL Media to send your blog posts, articles, newsletters and multimedia releases to turn this into a benefit for those pages.
  • Continue to link within your FMRs: just link as few times as is truly needed to help the reader, and don’t repeat the same anchor text. Feel free to just paste in the URL and not use anchor text.

These rules look to enhance result relevancy for searchers. Think of your audience when creating communications. What will engage them in the topics you are discussing and where do you want them to do that? If social or your website is your answer, making that clear with text and links in your communication will benefit your SEO.

Of course, at 3BL Media we will be reviewing your content as always and will make suggestions based on best practices. Questions? Contact your media consultant.