RovAir Helps Business Travelers Share Mobile Hotspots

RovAir Helps Business Travelers Share Mobile Hotspots


The sharing economy is really an exciting new development that can and will continue to take on many new forms as innovation continues to broaden our horizons and break down the barriers that once stood in the way of the world becoming more like one big family.

Of course, some companies (like rental companies) have been in the sharing economy business for a long time (without being called that) and are now being updated with new models (and sometimes new players) that leverage the power of technology and social networking.

Others, have been around for just a few years, and didn’t really realize that they were part of this new movement until they read about it.

RovAir is just such a company. As all sharing economy companies do, they specialize in making valuable, under-utilized assets or services available to a large number of people who have an occasional need. In their case, the service they are providing access to is mobile broadband.

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