Hashtag Campaign Guide

Hashtag Campaign Guide

At 3BL Media, we are believers in the power of Twitter and we spend a great deal of time in the Twitter-verse: engaging with influencers, finding key conversations, sharing content and participating in Twitter chats and #hashtag campaigns.

Whether you are new to Twitter, or an early adopter, Twitter chats and #hashtag campaigns are two great ways to be active on the social network to engage in great conversations with CSR and sustainability professionals, academics, experts and others. Both of these events happen entirely on Twitter, linked with a simple #hashtag, to keep the conversations connected.

If both of these events use a #hashtag specifically around the conversation, why are there different names for them? That’s easy enough to explain:

In general, Twitter chats take place at a certain day and time. Some of these chats may happen as a one-time event, other chats take place regularly: monthly or even weekly. If you want to learn more about participating in Twitter chats, check out our blog, 14 Twitter Chat Pro Tips.

Hashtag campaigns encourage and promote a longer conversation, again, everything happening on Twitter, linked with a #hashtag. It’s pretty common for brands to use this Twitter feature to promote their causes. Here are a few examples from our clients:

We are often asked, “HOW does one participate in a #hashtag series?” Fortunately, it’s pretty easy and informative, and encourages some online networking. Here are some guidelines to follow when you want to join in a #hashtag campaign:

  1. Twitter itself can be a little clunky when participating in events. Hootsuite, Bufferapp, or even Tweetchat, are free, third-party tools that can help you search and monitor multiple conversations in real time with ease.
  2. Set up a saved search for your event. This means searching for the event #hashtag. As the search populates and refreshes, you can explore the conversation that is happening, as it is happening.
  3. If there are panelists or moderators for the #hashtag series, be sure to follow them. Introduce yourself to the audience, say hello!
  4. Every tweet you share must include the #hashtag. If you forget to include it, your tweet will not appear in the conversation and others will most likely not see it. Other participants are also using a saved search of the #hashtag.
  5. Come back and play often! #Hashtag campaigns take place over days, weeks and even months. It can be hard to find the time to participate each and every hour of the day, but set aside some time to review the conversation. This is a great time to retweet the content of others, find more @users to follow and share your own insights with the group – most of them will come back to play as well.

My three general rules of social media always apply:

  • Be polite. Healthy debates are always welcome but remember, there is another person behind that @username.
  • Bring value. Ask questions. Have opinions. Share links. Retweet and favorite tweets by others.
  • Be human. Share personal experiences and your personality; well-executed, relevant humor is always appreciated.

#Hashtags campaigns are a great introduction to Twitter; they are also a great way to keep a pulse on topics that are of interest to you. I like to think of it as real-time Google search; yielding results that are instant, from real people and, in most cases, extremely relevant. You don’t even have to sign up for Twitter to see the conversation, you are allowed to be a quiet spectator. But, isn’t the game more fun and interesting when you play?


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