#HerDay2015 Recap of “Help Change the World by Investing in Women and Girls”

#HerDay2015 Recap of “Help Change the World by Investing in Women and Girls”

There are millions of women and girls across the globe that live impoverished, subjugated to childhood marriage and domestic violence, and without access to clean water, education, or other things that most take for granted. On Sunday, March 8, 2015, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. And how were all the topics related to such a powerful day connected? Social media.

Working to bring widespread awareness and solutions to these problems, Global Impact introduced the Women and Girl Fund, a high-impact charity that brings together four of the best-in-class charities that support women and girls. International Women’s Day is a celebration close to Global Impact’s heart and served as inspiration to get its charity partners (CARE, World Vision, Plan USA and International Center for Research on Women) together, working with 3BL Media and hosting a global two-week conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #HerDay2015.

The conversation, which occurred March 2 through 13, focused on topics such as education, maternal health, gender-based violence, clean water, micro-lending and more. International Women’s Day took place right in the middle of this event (#IWD2015, #womensday, #MakeItHappen and #PaintItPurple). The global conversation, that went around the world for two weeks, brought together a global community with the help of Twitter, a hashtag, #HerDay2015, and thought leaders.

To get the conversation going, great planning and strategy was developed by the communicators from all the organizations. 3BL Media served as a host and MC for the social media event, and as such, they were able to gather the great results from the conversation. The numbers behind this amazing hashtag series are just as powerful as the people who got involved. With a grand total of 3,427 tweets and 1,780 contributors the number of twitter accounts reached went well over 13.6 million!

As the final official tweets hit Twitter on Friday, March 13, a blog post by RoundPeg caught #HerDay2015 attention, and was the ultimate conclusion for the two-week celebration of women and girls that. While #HerDay2015 is thrilled to be on this list at #4, it’s wonderful to see such dynamic players – such as The Clinton Foundation and Beyonce - working hard to empower women and girls everywhere. These results and this quick recap of an amazing two weeks, should remind everyone that women and girls need to be celebrated everyday, beyond social media and around the world.

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