May 12th Social Tools Summit, Join Us!

May 12th Social Tools Summit, Join Us!

Each week, I am asked what social media tools we recommend at 3BL Media. This is a hard question for me to answer. There are SO MANY options out there.

I can only respond to these questions with more questions. I may suggest explore a tool here or there, but no response is definitive – you MUST get this tool! There are thousands of options – some claim to meet all of your needs, others are so specialized that it can be hard to imagine WHO finds the tool useful or who can afford such a solution.

On May 12th, I will be in Boston attending the Social Tools Summit conference. This one-day affair brings a variety of social media tools into one room and showcases their functionality with some real-life examples.  And, it’s not just the big fancy tools with the big and fancy budgets. This is aimed at big and small companies. This is the first conference dedicated solely to using business tools to scale the ROI of your social media efforts.

My goal in attending this event is to better understand the market that is out there for social media tools. Yes, at 3BL Media, we are always looking for better solutions to improve our social media efficiency, monitoring/listening and reporting.  More importantly, I’m looking to have better answers for our clients who look to us for guidance in the realm of social media.

The Social Media Tools Summit has a variety of social media tool vendors in attendance showcasing their solutions. This is a first of its kind one-day event coordinated by two social media innovators: Neal Schaeffer and Brian Mahoney.  Hundreds of social media conferences, and not one was dedicated to exploring the tools that can bring social media initiatives to new levels. Schaeffer and Mahoney recognized the need for this and Social Tools Summit was created.

The day will be intense with seven sessions, trender chats, networking opportunities and time to chat one on one with the various vendors at the event. The sessions are presented in way that you can apply the tools discussed to the tasks, challenges and goals that you deal with each and every day. Session one, for example, Optimizing Your Workflow with Social Media Dashboards explores a handful of social tools with dashboards while sharing case studies of real companies who are using the tools in their organizations. This continues with the additional sessions about social monitoring and listening, analyzing value and automation.

As someone who has sat in on a lot of sales calls, webinars and demos, I’m very excited for Afternoon Break and Product SpeedCase just after lunch,  “During this time, we'll break into pods and meet with all the vendors in the product showcase. In five minutes, each will get a chance to pitch the benefits of their solution.” When it’s over, a vendor will be voted “Best in Show.” Being able to support their capabilities with real-use cases is a common weakness among these tools. In addition, many tools offer generic demos and do not offer trial periods. I am looking forward to these examples and being able to dive into these functionalities without committing to a one to two year contract.

If you’re interested in attending this event, we’ve worked out a deal with the Social Tools Summit. Enter code 3BLMEDIA and receive $100 off your ticket.  If you head to the conference, please let us know. We always love catching up with our clients.


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