Search Engine Optima-Panda, errr…Penguin…-zation

Search Engine Optima-Panda, errr…Penguin…-zation

3BL Media Group Director of Social Media & Engagement

Even if search engine optimization (SEO) is not a task that occupies a line in your job description, it is helpful for your entire team to have each person (at least a little) aware of what SEO is, and the havoc Google can wreak upon your website.

Google is always tweaking their algorithms to enhance the search experience for users. When Google first began to dominate the search industry, their algorithms were formulaic and made SEO for websites an easy skill to master. But that is no longer the case. As Google continues to refine their algorithms (probably at least 5 times while you are reading this), SEO has evolved into a much more sophisticated creature.

In the past year, these updates, such as Panda and Penguin, have really shaken up the world of SEO. Many websites have taken nosedives in performance. From articles researching the effects of Panda, we’ve read that many newswire and others sites took a hard hit on Google search. The way we ‘work with’ Panda is to make sure we are distributing and posting mostly original content in various formats: blogs, videos, articles, press releases (yes, even some of those) and encouraging as much use of multimedia and infographics as possible. As a result we are happy to report that we are seeing traffic increases and visibility improvements:

  • Google traffic to our site has increased: 12.5%
  • Overall visits increased: 6%
  • Pageviews increased: 9%

Staying informed

With all of these changes, how can a web team keep up? It is clear that with each update Google deploys, they are emphasizing quality content being distributed in multiple formats (blogs, multimedia, press releases, articles) through multiple, high quality channels, including strong social media presence.

At 3BL Media, we continue to keep a particularly close eye on our analytics as these algorithm updates are implemented, as should everyone with a website. Staying well read on the topic of SEO can only help your content and support your team. Here are some of our favorite resources (they are updated often and make the changes easy to understand):

What can you do?

If your company has an SEO expert or team, make it a point to check in with them. Find out if your company’s website was effected, negatively or positively, by Google’s algorithm updates. Ask if there is anything your role can do to help – they’ll be excited someone else understands (and is aware of) what they do.

Keep creating meaningful, valuable, relevant and engaging content for your audience. Include multimedia whenever possible. Make sure your headlines contain keywords relevant to your news. Include captions for your photos whenever possible and make sure you are including social media as part of your SEO strategy.