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The Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Future of Africa


By Oluwabamise Lanre Afolabi

There are concerns that emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil will overtake developed countries in their future demand for energy. This is because the demand for energy in these countries is...

Responsibility in Corporate Engagement: Enhancing Accountability and the Impact of CSR in the Developing World


By Tomislav Ivancic

In today’s age of global standards, media and civil society scrutiny, it is understandable that many firms have opted to create dedicated units towards enhancing their contributions towards society. Ensuring responsibility in business is not merely a fad, but rapidly becoming the norm in the corporate world. According to the World Bank’s Markus...

Non-Thermal Concentrated Solar Power


In a previous blog I discussed three very different types of solar energy electricity generation;  Photo-voltaic (PV), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Solar Updraft chimneys.  This blog will deal with a branch of CSP that hasn’t received much attention and hasn’t yet been commercially deployed on a large scale.  This could be referred to as non-thermal CSP....

Checking Doctors


Volume 2 Number 3

Pilots use them and now doctors do as well.  Mission critical is by definition an activity that must not fail.  Partial success in such an environment may not be good enough and often has management visibility and even legal consequences.

After placing at the top of his or her pre-med Bachelor level degree and four years of medical school, a period of on-the-job training ensues.  After another four or more years as an Intern then Resident, a physician certainly can be deemed to an expert is his or her field.


RovAir Helps Business Travelers Share Mobile Hotspots


The sharing economy is really an exciting new development that can and will continue to take on many new forms as innovation continues to broaden our horizons and break down the barriers that once stood in the way of the world becoming more like one big family.

Of course, some companies (like rental companies) have been in the sharing economy business for a long time (without being called that) and are now being updated with new models (and sometimes new players) that leverage the power of technology and social networking.


This is Not Who We Are

By Jeff Raderstrong

I’m beginning to realize that our institutions do not reflect who we are as people. They are not aligned with what really motivates us to get up in the morning.

Mostly, our institutions are siloed in their own work, driven by single-organization goals and short-term time horizons beholden to bottom lines. No matter if they are a for-profit, a nonprofit, or a government agency, the institutions we’ve created are mostly concerned about one thing: money. This just...

2013 Digital Health Communications Predictions

By Beth Bengtson

How will digital health communications change this year? Certainly there’s work to be done on this front. Here are the musings of the Hale Advisors team on where we need to evolve as communicators and the trends to watch.


  • We need to become more than marketers – not only do marketers now have to become publishers but they need to become behavior change experts especially in the chronic disease areas.  We would love to see brand teams in these
  • ...

3 Cause-Related Superbowl Ads that Made My Spine Tingle


On Sunday night I was busy pinning cause-related Superbowl ads on this Pinterest board.

There were three cause-related ads in particular that got my attention and sent shivers down my spine (like a good commercial should!).

The best ad of Superbowl night was Whole Again in support of our troops. While the ad didn’t specifically mention the USO, a nonprofit organization that provides...

The Top 10 Stakeholder Issues

Future 500 has identified the Top 10 issues that activists and corporations will likely contend with this year. A growing number of consumer and activist groups is working on each issue demanding more sustainable solutions. Corporations need to understand the activist landscape and they need to identify key stakeholders.

1. Corporate climate silence

Our number one issue for 2011 (following the failure to pass the Waxman-Markey bill), climate, was off...

Sustainability? Ask Why.


Last week, I wrote about the importance of cultural integration and the need for a shared vision to guide the sustainability agenda, particularly through times of leadership change.  That made me reflect on how we get to that shared vision: we start with ‘why‘.

In my view, “why?” is one of the most critical questions any organization must ask itself before embarking on a sustainability journey.

Recently, I was chatting with a...

Communicating CSR: Four Lessons from Chevron and IBM


“You got me there.” That’s what a vice president of marketing for a global pharmaceutical company told me a few years ago when I asked about the impact of her company’s corporate social responsibility communications. At the time, this company was spending millions every year on communicating its programs.


Top 10 Corporate Responsibility Stories of 2012


This year may have lacked the huge catastrophes that have dominated the corporate responsibility headlines of the last couple of years (such as BP's oil spill in 2010 or TEPCO's nuclear disaster at Fukushima in 2011), but 2012 has probably been more packed with serious incidents than any of the previous years. We had real trouble putting these in any kind of order and even getting down to just a top 10 of big stories was tough  - and meant we...

The Nursing Shortage Myth


For years we’ve read that the US faces a looming shortage of nurses. Shortfalls in the hundreds of thousands of nurses are routinely predicted. These predictions have been good for nursing schools, which have used the promise of ample employment opportunities to more than double the number of nursing students over the last 10 years, according to CNN.

Yet somehow 43 percent of newly-licensed RNs can’t...

Two-time Cancer Survivor's 10 Tips for the Healthcare System


Much has changed over the last 20 years for people with cancer. Pat Elliott describes how far things have come for patients while also shedding light on how more improvements are still necessary. With Pat’s permission, I am excerpting an email she shared with Brad Tritle who is one of my co-editors on the upcoming HIMSS book “Engage! Transforming Health Care Through Digital Patient Engagement”. The following is a brief profile of Pat:

  • Professional
  • ...

Gift Xchange: Giving, Investing, and Grantmaking for Good


Part One of Two

The TakeAway: Charitable requests are a constant, but the end of the year brings a blizzard of appeals. In addition to our donor dollars, there’s a vast amount of untapped money power held by nonprofit institutions, particularly if they have endowments. Here’s a listing of some of my favorite organizations that are seeking to build more prosperous, sustainable, and just societies. The idea is to create a “virtuous circle” of exchange...

What Could Shale Mean for UK Economy and Employment?

By JAMIE FERGUSON, Vice President US and Latin America, Maxwell Drummond

Last week, December 13th, the UK Government announced that it will permit shale gas exploration, including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, effectively making shale gas development economically viable. 

Ed Davey, the UK’s energy and climate change


I Doubt Higher Debt Will Encourage Doctors to go into Primary Care


I woke up today and found a weird headline in my inbox: “Med School Debt May Push Docs to Primary Care.” It struck me as weird because I thought it was commonly agreed that the effect is the opposite. To the extent choice of specialty is motivated by concerns over debt repayment, it should push doctors to sub-specialties like radiology, oncology and...

2012 - The Year Renewables Became a Problem


Looking back on the energy news from 2012 there are a couple of over-riding trends.  On a positive note, with significant taxpayer and/or ratepayer financial support through direct subsidies and Feed-In-Tariffs (FITs) renewable electrical generation is starting to have a major impact in several jurisdictions. 

On May 25 Germany set a new record for solar energy with production of 22 GW, providing approximately 50% of electrical demand for a few hours on that day. On September 14 Germany’s Solar...

Ten Ways to Make a Bigger Difference in 2013


As a follow up to the article I wrote last week (Three Ways to Secure Your Social License to Operate in 2013) here are ten practical ways that businesses and civil society organizations can improve the impact of their social purpose initiatives in 2013....

13 Conferences for 2013 – Plus 17 More!


Having trouble deciding which conferences to attend this year? Following you’ll find a list of our top 13 conferences for 2013 – plus 17 more! These conferences are focused on CSR, Sustainability, Corporate Volunteering and/or Philanthropy. Let us know where you’re going to be – hopefully we’ll see you there!

Note: Even with 30 conferences listed, there are likely to be some that we missed. Please help us make our list more accurate. You can comment at the end of this article or contact us directly at ...

From Farm to Condo


Good-b Editor’sNote: Collective food coops have been booming in the San Francisco-Bay Area for decades. Only in recent years have these emerged in urban neighborhoods like Brooklyn. In true New York style, you don’t even have to leave your home to get to the farm. Now a new start-up called, “Farmigo” from SF can bring the food coop to your door. But is it’s deliver system sustainable? Check it out below.


Best Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2012


I searched through all my posts and Pinterest boards from last year and came up with my 2012 picks for best cause marketing campaigns.

Below are my top picks (although I have an expanded list here on Pinterest). Each link will take you to either a post I wrote on the program or to a pin on Pinterest. Remember, when you click on the image on Pinterest you can get the backstory behind the program.

What were your favorite cause marketing campaigns of 2012? Leave a...

The U.S. Election and Energy Policy


A little over a month ago, Americans elected President Obama for his second term.  Faced with four more years, the American oil and gas industry has been analysing and predicting how the President’s energy policy will affect them. 

In particular, the industry is focusing on decisions President Barack Obama will make to regulate or promote natural gas drilling in the United States. Whist the...

HealthPocket: The Kayak of Health Insurance (transcript)


The audio for this podcast can be accessed here.

David Williams: This is David E. Williams, cofounder of MedPharma Partners and author of the Health Business Blog. I’m speaking today with Steve Zaleznick, Director for Consumer Strategy and...


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