Our Services

3BL Media works with organizations to tell their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability stories across the social web

News and Content Distribution

3BL Media clients have secure access to our communications portal where they can upload, manage, target and distribute news and content across the social web. Our service provides unlimited distribution of press releases, blogs, reports, whitepapers, videos, podcasts and other announcements.

Using the latest web technologies, social media and traditional outreach methods, we maximize your content’s exposure throughout the most comprehensive network of CSR thought leaders, influencers, media points, professionals and consumers.

Active Content Management (ACM)

3BL Media’s Active Content Management (ACM) service is designed to assist communications and marketing professionals with getting the most efficient use of our communications portal. Clients who select ACM have a dedicated 3BL Media Consultant who helps identify existing CSR-specific client content. We find that most organizations have an abundance of supporting messages that can be leveraged to more effectively communicate their commitment to CSR. With ACM, the 3BL Media consultant performs the function of selecting, formatting, editing and uploading content for distribution on the client's behalf. ACM includes continuously promoting the client and its content before and after major announcements to help maintain a consistent presence on the social web. Additionally, the 3BL Media consultant works with the client to identify, structure and schedule CSR campaigns.

Social Media Starter

Social media represents the most powerful communications tools to date. Many of these tools are easy and effective to use once a familiar working knowledge has been established. At 3BL Media, we believe that the best way to realize the benefits that social media has to offer is to participate. 3BL Media offers clients a primer on some of the most common and effective social media tools available. Account set up, ‘voice’ and message development, along with weekly monitoring and feedback, provide clients with all they need to take their first step into the social world of social media.

Content Creation and Mulitmedia Production

CSR campaigns that achieve maximum reach, impact and influence deliver a consistent message over time using multiple media formats. A campaign that includes a combination of blogs, press releases and videos ensures the broadest use of the distribution network. We recognize that just because you have access to the unlimited news and content distribution, that this doesn't mean you have unlimited time to create content. For this reason, 3BL Media offers a variety of packages and options for content creation. In addition to our own staff of writers and content creators, 3BL works with a network of professionals in many different disciplines to help create content for your campaigns. Blog and press release writing and editing services as well as video and audio message development is available.