145 People. 6 Miles. 1 Purpose.

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145 People. 6 Miles. 1 Purpose.

KooDooZ and O2 MAX Fitness promote youth health and wellness through the Tour de Fitness '09
Thursday, August 20, 2009 - 3:19pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Santa Monica, CA (August 15th, 2009):  One hundred forty-five people joined KooDooZ and O2 MAX Fitness in a six-mile walk for one purpose – to raise awareness of the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed that is all that ever has,” quoted Karen Jashinsky, remembering Margaret Mead’s famous words which inspired Jashinsky to found O2 MAX and dedicate her career to youth fitness.  “We shaped a fun Tour De Fitness event that would invite citizens from stroller to grandparent to take a new interest in health and wellness.”

“It’s our dharma to teach kids how to unite heart, mind, body and spirit,” said Lee Fox, founder of KooDooZ, a youth empowerment brand that partnered with O2 MAX in this social impact campaign.  “We didn’t want this to be just another walk for a cause.  We wanted our joint event to engage the participants with a community experience that would urge them to take action.”

Together O2 MAX and KooDooZ worked on establishing sponsorships for the Tour De Fitness whose brand messages strategically aligned with their cause.  “We selected lululemon for the deeper body awareness that the mini yogis yoga class brought to kids and adults,” said Jashinsky.  “That was followed by sampling MacroLife Naturals at Equinox Gym whose mantra: ‘It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life.’ matches our own.”

At the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market participants went on a scavenger hunt and were educated about the importance of incorporating fresh, locally grown foods into their diet.  Dion Jackson, mega-celebrity fitness and aerobic trainer, provided a rigorous exercise program overlooking the Pacific Ocean before the Tour made its way to Whole Foods Market for a generous lunch, which also served to introduce participants to their School Lunch Revolution program.

“More than 50 million school-age kids live in the United States, and more than half of them rely on the public school lunch programs,” said Fox.  “With kids heading back to school this month, Whole Foods and MacroLife Naturals were able to educate our participants on how they can influence their district’s wellness policy.  I wouldn’t doubt that one of these kids will take on the challenge of shaping their school’s nutrition curriculum after what they learned today.”

From the LEED-certified Santa Monica Public Library, where participants designed a sustainable image for an EcoUsable stainless steel water bottle, to learning to “Play The Fair Way with TGA” -- the united message communicating health and wellness was clear.  “We wrapped up our day with a tug-of-war followed by Red Mango frozen yogurt and a nice long walk back to REI,” said Jashinsky.  “For the entire journey, a Clif Bar representative cycled alongside us, handing out Clif Kid samples.  It was the kind of outdoor adventure that receives rave reviews.”

The stated goal had been to double the number of participants in last year’s Tour De Fitness.  Instead KooDooZ and O2 MAX quadrupled that number.  “Our minds are spinning around the brands and communities we will touch next year,” said Jashinsky.  “Literally, spinning!” agreed Fox with a wink.

About KooDooZ® Corporation:

KooDooZ® is a new-to-market website designed to empower youth by challenging them to find their life balance of heart, mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s attaining a personal goal, accomplishing a community objective or being part of a humanitarian cause, KooDooZ lays the foundation for middle and high school kids to understand how to articulate and act upon their own values, motivations and passions. Inherent in this COPPA-compliant site is the concept of social learning and service to communities. KooDooZ enables non-profits, schools, student ministries, youth clubs and brands to challenge kids to do social good. The site also gives KDZ (KooDooZ users) the ability to share their good intents with friends and family who can elect to pledge and reward these young change-makers for turning a challenge into a real-world achievement. Ultimately, KDZ are empowered to make a difference. For more information, please see www.KooDooZ.com.

About O2 MAX Fitness Incorporated:

O2 MAX is a youth fitness media company with a fitness studio based in Santa Monica whose mission is to make fitness cool, fun and social for today’s youth through innovative programs, events, campaigns and social media.  O2 MAX offers programs and workouts for middle school, high school and college students such as prom shape-up, beat the freshman 15 and its Family Fitness Program which offers families ways to stay active together. For more information, please see www.o2maxfitness.com


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CONTENT: Press Release