3BL Media Launches 3bl.me URL Shortener to Support Charities and Raise Awareness of the "Triple Bottom Line" Approach for Business

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3BL Media Launches 3bl.me URL Shortener to Support Charities and Raise Awareness of the "Triple Bottom Line" Approach for Business

Encourages Users To Be Good Corporate "Twitizens"
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Be a "Good Corporate Twitizen" & Support the Triple Bottom Line. Use http://3bl.me to shorten URLs & Raise $ for Charities #3bl #csr
Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - 1:18pm

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed)(Northampton, MA, December 15, 2009) – 3BL Media, the experts in corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and cause marketing communications, today announced that it has launched 3bl.me, the company’s cause-based URL shortener.  For each URL shortened via 3bl.me, 3BL Media will make a donation to worthwhile organizations, with initial recipients including Volunteermatch, Sweatfree Communities, and World Wildlife Fund UK.  Additional charities and causes will be identified on a monthly basis via “crowd-sourcing” for nominations by users visiting @theCSRfeed on Twitter, or emailing twitizen@3blmedia.com.

"URL shorteners are an indispensable tool for sharing information on the web nowadays," said Fabian Pattberg, sustainability expert and blogger.  "The new 3bl.me shortener not only shortens your URLs, but it provides a couple of additional user benefits that did not exist before.  It raises awareness of the importance of the Triple Bottom Line approach for business, and provides funds for worthy causes. What more can one ask for from URL shortening?"

The “Triple Bottom Line” approach for business refers to the social, environmental and economic impact that an organization has on its stakeholders.  In keeping with that approach, the 3bl.me campaign is significant in that it enables the CSR community to take social networking to the next level.  By distributing links of interest through 3bl.me, users are at once sending a message that they stand for something important, and are also making a difference by channeling funds to worthy causes.

“Not only is 3BL Media helping VolunteerMatch create awareness about our CSR solutions for brands and business leaders, the 3bl.me URL shortener is helping me ensure that our most important messages really do convey 'triple bottom line' at every level," said Robert Rosenthal, Director of Communications at VolunteerMatch. "We're honored to be named as a recipient for the grant program."

Features of 3BL Media’s 3bl.me URL shortener include an easy-to-use bookmarklet that can be dragged to a browser toolbar for instant access, and complete analytics to be coming soon.

The 3bl.me URL shortener can be found at http://3bl.me.

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3BL Media is the leading CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Sustainability, and Cause Marketing Communications company. The company’s experienced team of professionals helps organizations -- from nonprofits to multinational corporations -- have a positive influence on society and the environment through information sharing that leverages the most cutting-edge technology and social media. 3BL Media defines, builds and refines the tools and methods necessary to help organizations communicate their commitment to the Triple Bottom Line in the way stakeholders want and need to know.  For additional information, please visit:


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