40 Great Videos on Sustainability

40 Great Videos on Sustainability

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We have featured loads of sustainability related videos on Green Conduct. 1 photo = 1000 words, right? I have no idea if that is true or not. What about videos? How many words… I don´t know that either. Regardless if videos and photos are better than words I think videos can be very powerful in sustainability to create awareness, to educate, to visualize, to inspire and to simplify complicated things that can be hard to communicate effectively just by using plain words.

We have collected a number of great videos below on topics like society, climate change, CSR and business. I am sure you will find most of them very useful and inspirational. Enjoy!


3 Videos about the Power of a Few (1/2)

3 More Videos about the Power of a Few (2/2)

Too often, we wait for the people in charge to fix world problems. Why not? Isn’t that their role?

3 Punchy Videos on How to Span the Wealth Chasm

These three videos cleverly capture concrete proposals that would help address the underlying causes of unjust and dangerous wealth inequities.

China Leading the Green Economy While America’s Democracy is Being Undermined

America could be screwed in the 21st century according to US Energy secretary Steven Chu. China is responsible for more than 20 percent of high tech exports while the US is responsible for 15 percent.

Demand a Green Planet for Yourself and For Your Children

This video reviews the beauty of the natural world and humanities destructive impact.

Hazel Henderson’s 7 Reforms of the Global Financial System

This is an excellent satirical explanation of the origins of the subprime mortgage crisis by British comedians John Bird and John Fortune.

Helping Civil Society Strengthen the UN Anti-Corruption Treaty

The entry into force of the UN Convention against Corruption in 2005 was a big step forward in the fight against corruption, but it was only the beginning of efforts to make governments do more.

House Built With Plastic Bottles

Tomislav Radovanovic came up with idea of a plastic bottle house when he was teaching his students about building materials.

Johan Rockström on Letting the Environment Guide Development

A small percentage of the Earth’s population has contributed disproportionately to environmental degradation.

Lightening Electric Motorcycle Goes Over 200 Mph for 18 Cents

In this video you will see just how fast the Lightening electric motorcycle can go.

Moving-Planet: Bill McKibben on Solidarity

McKibben talks about Moving Planet around the world and what he refers to is the “great global solidarity.”

Retail Shopping from a Sustainability Standpoint

This video takes a look at sustainable holiday shopping. This video focuses on alternatives to buying things. Look at where things come from and how they are made and what they are made of.

Siemens Video: A World with Seven Billion People

This video reviews the need to make life more livable for people who are increasingly being born in cities.

Steve Jobs on Computer Efficiency

Steve Jobs was a dynamic and visionary leader who understood the value of efficiency. He helped to make personal computers the “bicycle for the mind”. Jobs said that the computer is an efficient vehicle for the mind just as the advanced bicycle is an efficient vehicle for human locomotion.

Sustainable Economics

This video questions the basic patterns of consumption driving economic growth.

Sustainable Shopping

Although the idea of putting an end to shopping may be taking the idea to an extreme, many are now acknowledging that we should replace rampant consumerism with more sustainable shopping.

The Perils of Plastic Waste

When we dispose of plastic garbage we need to understand that it takes a very long time to break down and it leeches toxic materials as it does so.

The Story of Stuff

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns.

Climate Change

Business Opportunities from Combating Climate Change

This video reviews business opportunities associated with efforts to combat climate change. The video concludes by going into a bit of detail about carbon farming.

Carbon Credits Explained

This video deals with the crucial role that forests play to reduce emissions and manage climate change.

Debate on Climate Science and Policy Implications

In this video, Professor Andrew Dessler from Texas A&M presents the scientific evidence of anthropogenic global warming while professor Richard Lindzen from MIT makes a valiant attempt to refute the obvious.

Earth the Only Home We Have

This video offers a reminder of why we must combat climate change.

If Only We Could See GHGs

This video from the UK reviews how global warming is caused by greenhouse gases (GHGs), the problem is that people cannot see these gases.

Innovation is the Solution to Climate Change

Here is a four minute logical breakdown on how innovation is the solution to climate change, and how you can save the world.

The Alberta Tar Sands Dirty Oil

This 2009 documentary explores Canada’s role as the largest supplier of American oil.

The Debate on Global Warming

Here is an amusing video poking fun at climate deniers. David Mitchell laughs at the “heated debate” about global warming.

The Reality of Climate Change

In this video the Socio Capitalist interviews Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Andrew Dessler, and climate scientist at Texas A&M University.

Why People Are Confused About the Scientific Veracity of Climate Change

In 2008, Professor Stephen Schneider delivered a speech for the Stanford University Office of Science Outreach’s Summer Science Lecture Series.

CSR and Business

Creating a Culture of Sustainability

The pathway for achieving corporate sustainability is by creating a culture within an organization that values a sustainability framework in every aspect of the organization.

Future Supply Chain 2016

The Future of Supply Chain 2016 report covers the challenges and innovations in supply chains.

Green Opportunities: Energy Technology and Efficiency

We have deep pools of capital that are waiting to be deployed, however to unleash this capital we need to put a price on carbon. We need corporate America to measure and quantify carbon.

Green Supply Chain

This is a video about green supply chain.

Navigating the Journey to Sustainability

This paper/video combines theory from a variety of theoretical streams such as business education, learning, psychology, social psychology, and complex systems to present a case for embedding sustainability literacy into all tertiary business education, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, irrespective of social culture.

Profitable Recycling for Business

This online training course provides business managers with the essential information needed to improve management of their company’s recyclable materials.

Reverse Logistics – A Case Study

This video reviews how reverse logistics can produce results. A happy client (Philips New Zealand) describes how ERL has acted as a “Silver Bullet” for their reverse supply chain issues.

Sustainability – The Movement of Our Time

The Sustainable Business Network has partnered with film and campaign management company, Borderless Productions to produce a short film that celebrates the growing success of the sustainability movement in New Zealand.

Sustainability and Innovation

In this video Will Sarni highlights examples of how companies and communities in a variety of sectors are tackling these three issues head on through initiatives and long term projects designed to measure and achieve real results.

Sustainable Supply Chain Course: IOM 599

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing supply chains today.

Ten Steps to a Greener Supply Chain

This is a video about 10 steps to a greener supply chain.

The Journey of Sustainable Business

Can business profit through sustainability or is this all just wishful thinking? Trace the journey from the Industrial Revolution to the present to find out.


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